Science Writers, listen! This is How to Write a Traffic-Pulling Article


It is the dream of every blogger to write and write and write. Just write, but writing alone is not enough when you consider the fact that you create a blog, create contents, publish them, only to realize no one reads your article(s).

Should you be bothered? Yes. Why? Unless your goal is to create a blog nobody cares about, you may not be bothered about zero number of visitor(s) coming to your blog.

In this post, we shall consider core reasons why science writers (bloggers) fail to deliver content(s) worthy of eyeballs and traffic from search engines and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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      • 1. Keyword research effort is zero level

        How many times have you heard the phrases 'keyword research seo' and 'content is king'? If those two phrases still sound obscure to you, especially keyword research, you are lost in the game of pulling traffic to your blog. Here is why. You write only what you care about, not what your readers care about and this is negative for your blog SEO, resulting in zero conversion of visitors into subscribers.

        Take Away

        Start using tools like SEMRUSH and Google related searches to research keywords. You don't want your blog to remain the usual 10 visitors (that's even when you are lucky) per day. I have been using this strategy to write contents on my IQ test blog and the good news is, it works.

        2. Keyword stuffng, bad SEO practice

        This one is content killer. Why? Google and other search engines hate it. They know that's your way to game the system. Keyword stuffing is when you insert a lot of keywords you want to rank for, into your content, meta description and paragraphs repeatedly with exact match. Why? You think the more keywords your insert, the more more rank and visibility your content will get on search engines. You lied to yourself. How? Assuming your name is David, would you like your name to be called aloud 25 times before tou answer? Probably "NO"., because tou will get bored or feel sick about it. This analogy applies to search engines as well. They know that game of keyword stuffing into contents, titles, meta descriptions in order to call their 100% attention to an article in SERPs. This may land your blog in penalty. The strategy just won't work, dump it.

        Take Away

        Write amazing content that people care about. Make it informational and long (about 1500+ words). If you must insert some keywords, put it in the first paragraph, middle and title of article, write a meaningful meta description that people want to click in SERPs. (It should be maximum of 150 words).

        3. Ignoring catchy titles

        Adding a catchy title to your content is a game changer, really. But many bloggers just won't add the emotional appeal in content creation. If content is really king, it must surely have a crown -the title. Not just a crown (title) but a fascinating one that people want to look at its king. It is not enough to just create some contents but also adding flavour to those contents has a long way to go and transform your blog into hundreds of thousands of visitors per day.

        Take Away

        Write a post worth of eyeballs by writing a compelling title, using emotional tone like, 'Top', ' Best hacks of..', '25 Insane Ways to..', exclamation mark (!) etc.

        I didn't come to bore you with some 35 ways to make your blog work but you can try these three helpful tips to drive traffic to your science blog.

        Author bio: Bukunmi Adewumi is a science and self-help blogger at Neuroscientia. He writes about brainology and neuroscience, while also offering free scientifically validated IQ tests on his blog.
        Feel free to send him an email (bukunmi[at]