How Your Hypnotic Language Defines You


Hypnotic language will define your very life from how you feel to what you’re able to accomplish in your life.

Big statement?!

Absolutely! Because it’s true to the “t” you decide what your life looks and feels like even if it is at the subconscious level.

Don’t believe me?

Try this: Say “I feel GREAT” (with enthusiasm and even throw your arms in the air if you’d like)

Now, try this: Say “I feel horrible” (even if you tried to say that with enthusiasm and throwing your arms in the air, I’m willing to bet you’d be calling bullshit on yourself on some level)

Now that I have just proved to you I mean what I say and can back it up with proof, are you willing to continue reading to benefit yourself?

That’s right, you can benefit yourself simply by reading the words in this blog post.

Now, if you wanted to know how to hypnotise by reading this blog post, you’re in luck because you can study exactly what I asked you to do in the beginning of this post and practice it in your daily life. Other hypnotists will know what I mean if you have any inkling of hypnotic training under your belt. For the rest of you, I promise to give you a hypnosis how to, which can allow you to break free from problems you feel stuck in your life.

Before you get scared of “losing your mind” or if you might be scared of hypnosis on any level, read my frequently asked question on What Is Hypnosis Not?

So, now that I have your attention, the hypnotic language you use every day can make or break your reality. Think about the two different things we said at the beginning of this post and how you felt saying each one.

You’re hypnotising yourself with each and every word you state, yes, even the seemingly insignificant things. A friend of mine stated earlier today how she wanted a “reset button” on her day today because it was not going as she wanted.

Stay tuned for a self-hypnosis how to in the near future for how to create your own reset button during any day, at any moment you want to. How’s that sound? Right now, though, I will give you a mini free hypnosis session on how to use more empowering words in your everyday life.

You really do have the capacity to choose how you feel at any given moment!

Here’s your opportunity to live a better life, now:

  1. Really listen to a person the next time they are talking to you (don’t just wait for your turn to say something, really listen, pay attention to what they are saying and how they are saying it)
  2. Alternatively, listen to the news and what kind of information they are giving you and how they are saying it so that it makes a true impact on you.
  3. Pay specific attention to the last thing someone says because of the most hypnotically impactful part of you of what they just said.
  4. Ask yourself what kind of impact this person has on you and do you still want this type of impact on yourself?
  5. Before being reactive, even if it was something that triggered a negative emotion in you, pause for a moment.
  6. Scan your body for a positive emotion allowing it to grow and influence what you are about to say.
  7. Speak from your heart with emotionally empowering language that may just turn the other person’s thoughts towards positive emotions and/or grow their positive emotions if they were positive in the first place!
  8. Observe how much more you enjoy the situation now that you both didn’t wallow in the negative disempowering emotions with just languaging alone.

If you would like, I can create a brief PDF on how to do this with hypnotic language along with activities to practice.

What I would like from you is a comment below letting me know how this benefitted you and how you may use it in the future.

Looking forward to observing how you’re going to use your newfound skills to improve your hypnotic language!