Hypnosis for Anxiety Panic Attacks - Treatment


Anxiety is defined as the fear of the unknown, which can affect a person severely. Through the years, hypnosis for anxiety had been considered as the alternative cure for this psychological and psychiatric disorder. The appropriate hypnosis program as treatment for anxiety is usually a combination of deep calming relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, and the development of the realistic way of thinking for long-term positive effect.

The Conventional Treatments

One of the conventional ways to combat anxiety attacks is through tranquillizers like Diazepam. However, these medications can only provide temporary relief. To achieve long-term relief, therapy is required. In this case, cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT is the most qualified form of treatment. There are concerns with this form, however. For one, CBT may be limited to some areas; hence, the therapy may not be available to everyone. Secondly, there is an option to see a private CBT specialist but this can cost from $100 to $200 per session, which is quite an expensive price to pay.

Nevertheless, hypnosis for anxiety and depression is also reported as a reliable treatment for thousands of mental health experts. This alternative is less costly than psychotherapy although the two forms of treatment may sometimes be combined for best results. Why is hypnosis or hypnotherapy beneficial in treating anxiety?

Hypnosis for Anxiety as a Treatment

As a clarification, hypnosis can be the sole form of treatment or can be an aid to CBT. Hypnosis is so beneficial because it allows the subject to explore memories, experiences, and painful emotions hidden deep in the subconscious mind. This can be very helpful in both patient analysis and the healing process as the person becomes more open to suggestions and discussions. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy, as an aid, improved the effects of other treatments for depression, post-trauma anxiety, grief, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and phobias.

Dealing with Anxiety Attacks

Hypnosis for anxiety attacks is one of the best therapeutic treatments because it works where the problem started. Hypnosis goes beyond the conscious mind that clouds the judgment; thereby, this can help pinpoint the cause of the problem. Thus, hypnosis may the safest, quickest, and most natural therapy for anxiety panic attacks.

Special Hypnotherapy Procedures: Hypnosis for Anxiety

Anxiety panic attacks can be fatal; therefore, special procedures may sometimes be needed. In dealing with anxiety attacks and depression disorders, there may be times when rapid relaxation techniques are employed. This procedure can decrease the muscle tension level and thought arousal of the body. This technique of hypnosis for anxiety disorders can deepen feelings of confidence and relaxation. Other special procedures may also involve meditative training, direct suggestion, and imagery among others.

Causes of Anxiety

What are the common causes of anxiety? Let us go through some of the most prevalent triggers.

Struggling with Stress

Stress is on top of the list of the possible triggers of anxiety. Appreciatively, there are several types of hypnosis that deals with stress-related anxiety disorders. Stress is a state of mind and it is highly personal. But if you’re stressed over things that you don’t have control over, you tend to be anxious. When it comes to a point where anxiety takes over your life, stress hypnosis may work for you.

Sleep Deprivation

The lack of sleep can also cause anxiety attacks. When this is the problem, sleep hypnosis can relieve anxiety symptoms and, at the same time, help you fall asleep. If you’re curious on how it works, you can play youtube for different video tutorials on sleep hypnosis for anxiety.

Phobias and Fears

Phobia is the exaggerated fear of a specific object or situation. How do you beat the fear of phobias? To beat this problem, phobia hypnosis can be a great solution. This is the safest and effective way to help you relax mentally and physically. Visualisations and positive suggestion are the key elements used for this procedure and this had been accounted to be very successful.

Who Can Help You?

In dealing with situations involving anxiety, you need to seek the help of an expert as soon as possible. There are facilities specialising in the treatment of anxiety using alternative forms of therapy such as hypnosis. Hypnotherapy services are available all over the US, especially in key cities like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Houston. Overseas, there are also hypnotherapists in cities like London, Tokyo, Toronto, Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, and Berlin. Anywhere in the world, you can surely rely on hypnosis to manage your anxiety panic attacks and depression.