Hypnosis For Pain Control


Hypnosis for pain control brings up an interesting topic when it comes to how people think.

If I had even $1 for how many times I am asked “How much does it cost to use hypnosis for (smoking cessation, weight loss, self hypnosis, etc.) I could build a part time business just off of that question alone.

It’s usually the first question a client asks me when we talk.

Do you see the faulty logic in the root of the question, which has probably led the client to keep their problem in the first place?

The real underlying question here is: “How much will it cost to SOLVE my problem?” when you really want to be asking yourself: “How much is it COSTING me to KEEP my problem?” especially with hypnosis for pain control. My theory is that people subconsciously get comfortable with their problem. When it comes to solving the issue, the subconscious mind thinks it has to give something up, so, it’s more comfortable to keep the problem whilst knowing how to live life than giving up the problem and venturing into the unknown.

People thinking this way fascinates me to no end because they will end up looking at me like I’m crazy if I ask them what it’s costing them. For example, try somebody who is overweight and they will most likely feel that you are a bad person for asking them what it is costing them. I am willing to bet that they are feeling pain on some level for being overweight whether that is physical pain, emotional pain, or financial pain. Yet they have suppressed the pain for so long they may have gotten comfortable with the pain.

Hypnosis for pain control works because I am able to work with you to reframe your current ideas around pain.

Believe it or not, your doctor may be causing you to have more pain than less pain depending on the frame of reference they are giving you.

So, I am actually the good guy here because even though I may ask what your pain is costing you, my highest intention is to assist you in SOLVING the pain so you can live your best life, now.

Change may not come at the most dirt cheap price because you are learning a skill to do something different.

Why stay stuck in the same habits that cause you pain in your life?

Why not stop paying for your pain and invest in yourself so you can be free with hypnosis for pain control?