Hypnosis Scripts - Identify A Good and Effective Hypnotic Scripts


What are self-hypnosis scripts and how do they work? These hypnosis scripts are really just carefully considered suggestions, phrases and techniques. They are designed to induce a hypnotic state in order to create a desirable and positive life change.

There are two ways to perform hypnosis scripts. The first is the one we are more accustomed to seeing or hearing about. The patient goes to see a hypnotherapist and the hypnotherapist says the hypnosis induction scripts to allow the patient to go into a hypnotic state.

The second way that a script can work is via hypnosis audio. Anyone can record himself saying the script. He then plays it back so that he can use it to either put himself, or a patient in a relaxed and hypnotic state. Obviously, for self-hypnosis purposes, only the second method is applicable.

How Can I Identify A Good and Effective Hypnotic Scripts?

There are simply ways to identify good scripts from bad ones. Be it conversational hypnosis scripts or stage hypnosis scripts, a good one will always use the powerful tools of induction. It employs progressive relaxation and deepening so that it can create a state of mind that is open to suggestion. A good hypnosis script is also always properly researched.

The suggestions given out are always safe, peaceful positive to hear and empowering. If you hear scripts that connote any form of negativity, then it is a bad one, and must not be listened to, or used.

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    • Parts of the Script

      For a hypnosis script to be truly effective, it has to have the following parts:

      1. The induction- this is the part that allows the patient to enter into the hypnotic state
      2. The progressive relaxation- Using thought or suggestion, the hypnotherapist allows the patient to progressively relax. The relaxation may allow the patient to enter into the hypnotic state or it can also be used to deepen the state of hypnosis
      3. The deepening- as the name suggests, this part is to deepen the hypnotic state
      4. The therapy- this is an important part of the script because it is where the suggestions and positive thoughts are presented to the patient, so that a positive change may ensue
      5. The arousal- after the suggestions have been planted, it is time to wake the patient up from his hypnotised state. This is what this part of the hypnosis script is for

      Safeguarding Hypnosis Scripts

      While these scripts have been designed to produce positive and desirable results, there will always be situations wherein scripts that have been poorly worded can potentially cause harm. To keep yourself safe, should you decide to practice self-hypnosis using these scripts, the following safeguarding tips are advised:

      1. Be sure to add this to your script: During this session, and from this moment forward, I will only accept suggestions that are helpful and safe for my body, mind and spirit.
      2. Feel free to change, modify or reject any suggestions according to your specific needs.
      3. Make sure that any suggestions that you choose to accept will only go into action in time frames that are safe and comfortable to you.
      4. Should any of these suggestions become outdated in the future, or may no longer do you good, give your mind permission to reject them and remove them from within.

      These tips can be put to use whether you decide to visit a hypnotherapist, or if you attempt a self-hypnosis session. Remember that hypnosis script is for your safety and well-being, so be very careful to not disregard this, even if you think they may be impractical and unnecessary.

      Where to Find Self Hypnosis Scripts Free?

      Yes, you can find free self hypnosis scripts all over the internet. But I have one warning for you. Whether these are relaxation hypnosis scripts or hypnosis scripts for sleep, you need to learn from the expert. Download my free ebook for the basics of self hypnosis and you will be on the right track.