Hypnotic Handshake Induction - Learn Simple Erickson Handshake Induction

hypnotic handshake induction technique

Today I am going to teach you a simple hypnotic induction that you can add to your arsenal of powerful covert hypnosis tactics. As you may be aware the hypnotic handshake induction was created by Milton Erickson, perhaps the greatest hypnotist to ever live. This means you are going to be learning an easy induction created by one of the very best hypnotists. The hypnotic handshake induction is often taught inexpensive NLP workshops but today the knowledge is yours for free.

As the name suggests, in this induction you will need to be shaking hands with your subject to induce a light hypnotic trance. I’m sure that right now you realise the power and potential this holds for you. Think of all the times you shake hands with someone whether it’s a friend, a customer or a boss. If you want to, you can use the hypnotic handshake induction on anyone you meet.

The basic premise behind the hypnotic handshake induction is to shake the subject's hand and then breaking the flow of the handshake in some way. Common methods of doing this including gently grabbing the subject’s wrist or running your fingers over their palm. Allow me to explain to you why this works. Shaking hands is a behaviour so well engrained in the mind that when it doesn’t go “as usual” the mind literally suspends itself in a trance, confused at the situation. The subject is left momentarily confused and this leaves them open to suggestion and direction.

There are only really two skills to this confusion tactic. One is having the nerve to use it. The other is to distract the subject while you are performing and ending the hypnotic handshake induction. You can do this by making an innocuous comment such as “Isn’t it a great day today?”. As the subject processes this comment you should notice they look a little confused and usually they will not have heard what you said so they will either smile blankly or ask you to repeat what you said. This is an excellent sign that the hypnotic handshake induction has worked.

After you have performed the induction it is time to jump in quick with a suggestion or command. What this depends on who you are talking to and what you desire of them. If you are talking to a customer, for example, you may want to step in with a leading question such as “So what are you looking to buy from me now [Name]?”. The command or suggestion is every bit as important as the handshake induction itself so have what you want to say planned before performing the induction. As you can see from my example the question presumes that the customer is looking to buy something from me, right now. You may be able to imagine how many quick sales this can help you achieve.

The hypnotic handshake induction is something you should probably practice with a willing friend before “going public” with it. However, you will find that it really doesn’t take long to master. The version I have taught you above is for using as an induction for covert hypnosis, however, with some small changes, it can be used during stage or street hypnosis and even hypnotherapy.