Hypnotise a Woman with Conversational Hypnosis


Why does a guy want to hypnotise a woman? There are many reasons why he wants to do so but I think one of the main reasons is to get her to be interested in him.

The fact is, you can’t really make a person to like you if she does not. You can’t make anyone love you against their will.

What you can do is to use effective communication skill so she’ll hear what you are saying and be interested in getting to know you better.

Let’s imagine the following situation. You are at a pub or dance club and you see a beautiful woman standing among a few of her friends.

You try to strike up a conversation with her but she seems very cold and irresponsive. Her friends, on the other hand, are very friendly.

Does this means the girl that you like is not interested in you?

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Whenever you show interest in a beautiful woman who is accompanied by her friends, it makes her feel big and she’ll want to show off her ego to her friends. She wants her friends to see the power she has over you and the way she does so are to brush you off.

She knows if she were to show interest in you, she will lose the high values she has over her friends because you’ve targeted her rather than her friends in the first place.

She is sort of portraying the “I am too good for you” status. Is this a bad thing? Not really because you can overcome it with a conversational hypnosis technique called “Deflection Theory”.

The Deflection Theory works by twisting the situation in the mind in the woman that you like. The idea is to show interest in her friends who have been considered low social value.

It’s a strange concept because when you show interest in her other friends, she will subconsciously invest much more interest in you by being playful and flirting with you.

I know it’s weird and counters intuitive but the next time you see a woman that you like and she is among her friends, try to talk and show interest to her friends first.

Use the Deflection Theory to cut short her ego trip and allow her defences to crumble. When that happens, she will be more responsive when you talk to her.

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