Learn How To Hypnotize Someone to Get What You Want

hypnosis get what you want

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to hypnotising someone is seeing a person looking hard into a spinning top or a swinging pocket watch tied to a chain. One must understand that hypnosis doesn’t involve any incantations or magic tricks.

Now there is a type of hypnosis called conversational hypnosis. Now one might wonder what is that and whether it works or not? Conversational hypnosis is real and very effective if one could learn to use it well.

Conversational hypnosis is also sometimes referred as the art of covert hypnosis. The main reason people want to learn this sort of hypnosis is to pass on subliminal messages and manipulate other people’s mind.

A notable psychotherapist, Dr Milton Erickson believed that trance states were a natural phenomenon and one can slip in and out of it many times a day.

Dr Erickson found it experimentally that by passing down messages and suggestions carefully with a bit of proper timing and confusion onto people, he could make them go into the trance hypnotic states.


Stages Of Verbal Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is done in three stages. In the first stage, a good understanding and relationship are developed with the individual.

This is done to put the mind of the subject at ease and make him feel comfortable. Once you gain the trust of the person, the person will be more receptive to your words and this plays a vital role in conversational hypnosis.

In the second stage, you need to add a bit of confusion in the conversation. This stage is a bit tricky but nothing dramatically alarming. The confusion in the conversation should be enough to confuse the individual.

For example, you can discuss some incident common to both of you and then suddenly make a remark and then repeat the part happening differently to the subject. Then when he tries to correct you, agree with what he says and act as if you are in total agreement with his statement.

By throwing someone off guard and putting them at a vulnerable spot, you can easily confuse them. Now once the subject is in a state of confusion, he is vulnerable and open to suggestions. Unconsciously the individual wants to resolve this state of confusion, thus making himself vulnerable and open to ideas. In the third stage, it all comes down to timing.

While the person is still in the state of confusion, he is distracted. This is the moment for you to get in and grab the opportunity. Conversational hypnosis is always subtle if you push it too hard, you will blow it. This whole process takes a lot of practice especially in certain areas of the stages.

You must keep it in mind that covert hypnosis doesn’t work on all. The human mind is very complex and dynamic. You need to be able to carefully read the mind of the individual first before you could induce him with your hypnosis. There are many good books on this topic, so if this topic interests you then go out there and read the topic in detail.