How to Hypnotise Someone Using Conversational Hypnosis


A lot of people have a negative perception on the word hypnosis.

When I heard the word “hypnosis”, I will think of a person laying on a long chair in a psychologist’s room trying to cure a mental illness.

I have also seen some video clips showing a stage performer using hypnotism to control his audience and made them bark like dog and cluck like a bunch of chicken. Is hypnosis for real? I’ve decided to do some research.

There are many forms of hypnosis. One of the most common ones is known as Covert Hypnosis or Conversational Hypnosis. Conversational hypnosis is an art of subtly communicating with the subconscious mind of a person without them realising it.

One advantage that I can see from using verbal hypnosis is in the sales area.

Sales professional has to be good with their communication skills. Their commission rests directly on their ability to effectively communicate the benefits of their product or services. I believe this kind of covert hypnosis will be very useful when talking to a prospect.

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How do we learn hypnosis so we can hypnotise someone?

We can start off by buying books on hypnotism from the bookstores. However, linguistic hypnosis uses words to bring people into a hypnotic trance. The right selection of words, the volume and also the tonality is very important. Therefore, learning hypnosis from books might not be very effective.

The best medium to learn covert hypnosis is through audio recordings. With audio, we can listen to how the instructor says the words or phrases to hypnotise people. To learn hypnosis, I will start by searching for programs that present the learning material in audio format.