Improving Eyesight without Medications


Eyes are a pair of wonderful, miraculous sensory organs which help us in viewing the world around us. The working of this beautiful system is quite complex. With the widespread use of technology in almost all spheres of life, our eyes are exposed to high amounts of electromagnetic waves throughout the day and night as well, either through use of some gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, i-phones, music players & other mobile devices or through the use of electronic devices such as PCs, televisions, microwaves, etc. which strains the eye muscles. With the increasing use of such technological devices in recent times, society is also experiencing poor vision & other vision related problems earlier in life. People have to take the assistance of eye glasses or spectacles earlier in life than it used to be the case few decades ago.

Employing certain simple eye exercises as well as sparing some time to try out eye relaxation techniques shall go a long way in improving our natural visual functions, without us having to take assistance of eye glasses or contact lens early in life.

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    • Simple Eye Relaxation Exercises for vision correction

      1. Palming


      Begin by first rubbing both your palms to create some warmth. Close your eyes and form cup shapes of both your palms. Place these cup-shaped palms over both your eyes so that your eyes can feel the warmth created. Practice this for 5 minutes & relax completely with your eyes closed.

      2. Blinking


      Lack of blinking often causes drying of eyesowing to prolonged hours of staring the computer screen. Once every 2 hours, practice to move your eyes away from the screen & blink often. However, it will be better if we remember to blink often while viewing the computer screen itself.

      3. Eye Rolling

      Eye Rolling

      Close your eyes and begin moving your eyeballs within, in circular motion, in clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction. Move them slowly, you may feel like having an eye massage when rolling them. Practice this daily for 5 minutes.

      4. Focusing


      Move your eyes away from your computer screen once every two hours and focus on other objects in the room. Describe the object to yourself within your mind as if speaking to yourself. Try focusing on details of a painting or book in the room, any other device.

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      • Soothing Remedies To De-stress Your Eyes

        1. Almond and Fennel Seed Mixture

        Almond and Fennel Seed Mixture

        Prepare the mixture using equal amounts of almond, large fennel (fennel seeds) and sugar (Kujamishri) and grind them together finely. Take 2 tsps of this remedial mixture with 1 glass of milk every night before going to sleep. It brightens vision & relaxes strained muscles.

        2. Carrot juice

        Carrot juice

        1 glass of raw carrot juice daily also helps to improve eyesight. Rich in vitamin A, can also be had in salads.

        3. Amla Juice

        Amla Juice

        Rich source of Vitamin C, can be had in form of capsules, powder, or juice, or fresh extracts.

        4. Avoid Direct Exposure of Eyes to Sun rays

        Avoid Direct Exposure of Eyes to Sun rays

        Exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun can weaken the eyesight in the long run. Carry an umbrella or wear glares when you step out in the day for better vision.

        5. Get proper sleep

        get proper sleep

        Sleep ensures proper rejuvenation to the visual nerves.

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