How to Increase Platelet Count


Platelets are the cells that are present in large amount in the blood which prevents the loss of the blood from the body by forming blood clots on that part from where the blood is leaking out the body. The normal existence of the platelets ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 micro litre in the blood. You will get to know the amount of your cells present in your body by making a CBC test;

CBC stands for complete blood count. If these cells are not present in the right amount in your body then you are suffering from a disease which is called thrombocytopenia it means extra leakage of blood. Some natural tips are here which helps you to increase your platelets count without any other treatment.

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    • Here is the list of things that you do to increase platelets

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      • Consult a Doctor

        For any kind of disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor as it better know from whom thing your disease will cure, there are many sites which provide you the knowledge about increasing platelets but a better way for you is to consult a doctor and follow his instruction and the treatment which he decide for you, don’t worry about the money because it is problem of your health and one says that ‘health is wealth’.

        Drink More Water As You Can

        The Human body is made up of 70% of the liquid and drinking water is the best way to lessen your any disease because water is best for every part of the human body. A teenager usually takes two to three liters of water and old people takes eight glass of water daily which keeps their cells hydrated.

        Take Health Diet

        In fresh vegetables and fruit, there are sufficient proteins and carbohydrates present which fulfills the requirements of the human body from which weaknesses occurs and especially the decrease of platelets occurs. Some fruits and vegetables like papaya, wheat grass, pumpkin, spinach, and gooseberries are food for increasing amount of platelets.

        Avoid fats

        It is saying that you have to lose something for gaining. So is the case with this disease that you have to avoid high calories food with high fats because it form a layer of fats around the arteries and veins and block the passage of blood which also cause harmful effects on your disease.

        Take Exercise Regularly

        Taking exercise is a good way of getting smart and help you to increase your stamina and it also support your heart muscle, it also make a regular flow of your blood and make your immune system strong. Both the flow of blood and strong immunity helps you in the increase of the platelets, you can also benefit your body by playing different types of games like cricket, basketball etc. but you have to take precautions while playing this because it also causes injury and leakage of the blood occur which is a problem for that person who are suffering from thrombocytopenia.