Self Hypnosis can Help to Increase Self Esteem

increase self esteem

'how self-esteem can be improved - self hypnosis can help'

Here are a few ways of increasing self esteem and improving the way you feel about yourself.

Increasing self-esteem

Denis Waitley said: “To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the negatives and the failures in our lives.” So, focussing on your successes and anything else that makes you feel successful, valuable, special, or important, will raise your level of self-esteem.

Here are a few simple techniques to help you improve your feelings of self worth.

As a practical method of increasing self esteem, each day, write something down that is good and positive about yourself. It can be something large, or something small, but it must be something true, real, and positive about you. This can be enhanced by remembering a time when you have received approval from somebody, or have been praised by somebody – focus on that memory and allow the feelings you experienced at the time to become very real for you again.

Imagine somebody you know who you know lives you or holds you in high regard. Then try to imagine looking at yourself through that person’s eyes and with that person’s mind, so that you can begin to see the positive and good qualities in yourself that are admired by that other person.

Help others. When done willingly, helping others always creates a positive feeling of high self worth. Helping others doesn’t have to mean doing something big (you’re not trying to make a statement!), nor does it have to cost money, nor does it have to be planned – sometimes just doing something very simple to help someone as the opportunity arises can be very helpful in improving your own self-esteem.

Stop spending time with friends who are negative – especially if they are negative about you. This also applies to friends who moan or bitch about other acquaintances behind their backs – if they gossip about other people, you know (at least unconsciously) that they also moan and bitch about you to other people behind your back! In any event, self-esteem is not improved satisfactorily, or in the long term, by comparing yourself with other people, because self-esteem is about your own inherent self worth. Compare yourself to yourself!

Stop being so self critical! Start being as nice to yourself as you are to other people!

Learn to accept compliments! We often find it difficult to know how to react when someone gives us a compliment, but people with high self-esteem do not find it so hard. To someone with high self-esteem, a compliment seems a natural thing!

Put your behaviours into context, and don’t condemn yourself because of one aspect of yourself.

Regularly remind yourself that you are a unique person.

Make time for yourself – time to do something you love doing. This can be effective even if you just take 10 minutes every day to do something you love.