Induce Self Hypnosis Trance - A guide to Creating Hypnosis Trance State

induce self hypnosis trance

I have always found it a little strange that while many people are not willing to try hetero-hypnosis (where one person hypnotises another) while they are, at the same time, eager to learn self-hypnosis. I have to suppose that it is an issue concerning trust. Me personally, I regularly use all forms of hypnosis as I know them to be helpful in almost all avenues of life.

I’m sure that you like me, will find self-hypnosis easy to learn. It is nothing magical or mysterious but a natural state of awareness that anyone can tap into. In this article, I will guide you into creating for yourself a power self hypnosis trance state.

Self hypnosis is a skill that is perhaps most commonly used as an aid to relaxation as it helps to quieten the mind. It can be used for a number of other things. You may have heard about people achieving great success after visiting a hypnotherapist. Even A-List celebrities such as Matt Damon and Samuel L. Jackson are known to have quit smoking after visiting as the hypnotherapist. The fantastic news is that self-hypnosis can do everything hetero-hypnosis can do, and for most, they feel much more comfortable and in control.

You will want to learn self-hypnosis if you have any personal goals in life that you want to focus your mind on. As mentioned previously you can empower yourself to quit smoking or lose weight, these are common goals that can be achieved through a self hypnosis trance. Yet self-hypnosis goes further there are even more incredible things you can achieve. It is entirely possible, for example, to use self hypnosis to increase your chances of a promotion at work, expand your love of learning or even heighten your confidence around other people.

Self hypnosis trance typically consists of three parts – the induction, a deepened and finally hypnotic suggestion. The suggestion can be whatever you desire to depend on your personal goals. During self hypnosis, you will still be aware of things happening around you and you can choose to stop at any time, it is impossible to get “stuck” in self hypnosis. If you are a beginner to hypnotic trances then you can follow my short script below to get an idea of how self-hypnosis works. Some people like to read scripts out aloud, some prefer to read it in their minds, others enjoy recording it themselves onto their computer and listening back to it when they desire. Whatever works best for you. You are left with no right or wrong choices. It is all about you.

Before you begin please find yourself in a comfortable position with your legs uncrossed to allow for proper circulation.


Self Hypnosis Trance Script

You can begin with your eyes open…Roll your eyes back as far as you can…After a few seconds, you will feel your eyes begin to grow heavy…You want to close them as your eyelids become heavier and heavier…Keep your eyes open as long as you possibly can, until they just have to close…

As your eyes close allow your body to completely relax…Feel any tension in your muscles and let them become loose and limp…From the tip of your toes to the top of your head…You know how beneficial relaxation is and that is why you want to become completely relaxed…Any other thoughts in your mind are becoming quieter and quieter until all you can hear is the sound of your own breathing, deep and slow…Deep and slow. Enjoy this experience until you feel completely relaxed.

Imagine now that you are standing at the top of a grand staircase with ten steps leading down to a large oak door…And you know that behind this door is your own personal dream location…Whatever that may be…Relaxed and calm to begin to walk down the stairs…With each step you take down your relaxation becomes deeper and deeper…When you have reached the bottom of the stairs you are as relaxed as can be…And now you can open the doors to reveal your dream location.

It may be a beach, or a garden or a green valley…Whatever you desire…Visualise this location down to the last detail…Picture the clouds in the sky…Feel the temperature on your skin…Listen to the sounds of nature around…As you enjoy your dream location you see a comfortable chair laid out especially for you…Take this chair and sit down as you look around at this wondrous location…You are so relaxed that your eyes feel heavy…Even here you can fall into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Now you begin to dream…As you dream you see yourself and it is not you as you know now…It is your ideal self…The person you truly want to be…As you notice how happy and healthy you appear in this dream your other self-begins to tell you about themselves.

[Include hypnotic suggestions here…the following example works well for weight loss]

I enjoy exercising…The food I eat is nutritious and healthy…As I enjoy exercise I visit the gym regularly…I only eat until my appetite is satiated…Because I exercise and eat right I lose weight…All my friends and family have told me how much better I look after I lost weight…Now I am at my ideal weight I still make sure to eat healthier and take regular exercise.

You now sense what you need to do…It is time to say goodbye to your idea self…Because you now know how, though, this won’t be goodbye for long…You will soon see this ideal self-staring back in the mirror at you…When you awaken from your dream you are back in your perfect relaxation have…You may now spend as much time here as you like before slowly opening your eyes and returning to the real world.

And when you wake up from your self hypnotic trance you will feel calm, peaceful and relaxed…Because you now know exactly how to meet your ideal self again in the near future.


As you become more experienced at practising self-hypnosis you will find your trances becoming deeper and the effects growing stronger within you. I hope you have enjoyed your experience of a self hypnosis trance. I am sure I will discuss self hypnosis more in the future including more inductions and deepeners that you can use to hypnotise yourself.