Instant Covert Hypnosis Techniques to Influence the Way a Person Thinks


One of the founding principles of covert hypnosis involves the belief that you can influence the way a person thinks and behaves, without them even noticing, through hypnosis alone.

If you’ve been following the series on self-hypnosis at all, you’ll have realised by now that people will reject suggestions which they do not agree with.

Their subconscious will effectively filter out anything that it believes goes contrary to their fundamental moralities.

Covert hypnosis is the art of being able to plant subtle suggestions within a person’s subconscious in such a way that the mind isn’t even aware that the suggestions are there.

On a basic level, this, of course, means that you can make a person do things that they’d normally do anyway, just without them realising.

All you’re doing is effectively planting a suggestion into their mind, and causing them to act upon it.

They’ll think that they thought of the suggestion themselves as if it was entirely by their own doing.

This is contrary to normal hetero-hypnosis and self-hypnosis where the subject knows that the hypnotist is planting suggestions within their mind.

When covert hypnosis is executed effectively, the subject should not have any idea about the suggestions that have been planted.

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Types of Covert Hypnosis

Now on a more advanced and complex level, covert hypnosis is the ability to make people say, think or do things that they normally wouldn’t.

Whilst this of course is contrary to one of the founding principles of hypnosis itself, it has the illusion of becoming possible with covert hypnosis.

It works by wording suggestions in such a way that even if a person would normally reject them, they’d accept them because of the way they’re worded.

An example would be saying to someone that finds it immoral to tell a lie - “of course lying is always a bad thing, even though it is occasionally justified”.

This establishes a sense of understanding within the sentence between you and the subject since you’re agreeing with the subject’s belief that lying is always a bad thing.

You then go on to say that ‘even though it is occasionally justified’, as if it elaborates from the previous phrase as if the two go hand in hand.

This would effectively plant the subconscious suggestion into the person’s mind that lying is, on occasion, justified.

Now I’m not suggesting that you’d want to ever plant such a suggestion, rather the above was just used as an example.

So covert hypnosis basically involves agreeing with a person’s beliefs and ethics and then adding further information to those beliefs and ethics that may go contrary to them. Such statements must be indirect, however, which shall be explained in later articles.

Choise of Suggestions

Remember that we can never make a person do, believe or say something which they subconsciously believe to be wrong,

all we can do is word our suggestions in such a way that the person doesn’t realise that what they’re doing would normally be against their ethical boundaries.

Now that I’ve explained the two types of covert hypnosis,

the basic form of persuasion and planting subconscious thoughts, and that more advanced form whereby you can make people appear to do things they normally wouldn’t,

I’ll be able to focus on the first and former method of covert hypnosis, which requires enough training and understand as it is.

Getting on to more advanced forms of covert hypnosis can be exceptionally difficult, even for trained hypnotists,

so make sure that you have an understanding of hypnosis first before you attempt to understand the use of suggestion via covert hypnosis.

The Stages of Covert Hypnosis

covert hypnosis techniques

Perhaps the most important thing that is required in order to conduct covert hypnosis on a person is rapport. Without rapport,

the subject won’t be willing to listen to the hypnotist's suggestions and will more likely than not be willing to simply reject whatever suggestions are offered to them. Since our conscious mind critically analyses suggestions,

we can’t plant suggestions into a person’s mind if they don’t like us, don’t get on well with us, or are analysing each and everything we have to say.

By establishing rapport, their conscious mind becomes less critical with what we have to say and more open to suggestions.

Series of Thoughts and Ideas

Once rapport is established, we can effectively guide the subject through a series of thoughts and ideas that they’d agree with out of automatic reaction even if these thoughts and ideas weren’t a part of their fundamental beliefs.

An example would be saying “so yea the cold weather can be good and enjoyable” and the person automatically replying “yes”.

When rapport is established, we can get a lot of “yes” answers from a person, which serves as a way to deepen our rapport with that person and allow us to expand our suggestions further.

This is why establishing rapport is so important, it gives us something to work with.

Planting Suggestion

After rapport is established the next step involves the actual planting of the subconscious suggestion. This can be a little tricky, to begin with, and of course requires some degree of practice.

The thing that we want to try and do when planting in a suggestion subconsciously is to use rapport to our advantage.

When we’ve established that connection with a person we quite simply tell them things such as a certain number or a colour.

Believe it or not but you can actually influence the way a person will think right down to the very colour or number they will pick.

This is an example of how mentalists such as Derren Brown operate, they’re able to covertly plant suggestions which the person goes on to then act upon.

Of course, hypnosis is no simple and easy field either.

If you want to use the techniques taught in covert hypnosis, it’s going to take a lot of training and practice on your part.

Hopefully, this article has outlined to you what some of the fundamental principles of covert hypnosis are.

We invite you to check out the other articles relating to covert hypnosis in order to garner a better understanding of how this rare and unique art form works.

Know that like with anything, if you practice it enough, covert hypnosis could easily become a part of your hypnotic repertoire of techniques, and can be used to devastating effect in order to achieve your goals.