Instant Stress Buster - Clenched Fist Stress Reliever


If you experience stress in any situation, this is a simple stress buster technique for releasing that stress.

I suggest that you read through the instructions below a few times to be completely sure of the process before putting it into practice.

When you have learned the process, you can rehearse it when you are practising your self-hypnosis. You can also practice physically to make it more effective. As with all techniques, you can learn them easily – but they are no use if you don’t actually use them when you need them!

Imagine a Situation

I want you now to imagine a situation in which you might experience some of those tense and anxious feelings.

Imagine yourself in that situation, experiencing those feelings as if you were really there, or imagine what it is like to have those feelings. Where in your body would you experience them? What kind of anxious thoughts would you be having?

Now I want you to make a fist with your non-preferred hand (if you are right-handed, use your left hand; if you are left-handed, use your right hand) but continue to breathe comfortably, and don’t tense any other part of your body – just your fist.

Now imagine all the tension and anxiety in your body streaming down into that fist, collecting in your hand, leaving the rest of your body relaxed and comfortable.

Now take a deep breath, and as you breathe out, slowly release the fist, and imagine all the tension leaving the hand and evaporating in the air around you, leaving the hand and the whole of the body feeling relaxed and comfortable - calm and relaxed.

If it helps you learn this stress buster technique, and makes it more effective for you, then when you first learn it, you can use one of those little rubber stress balls – so when you make your fist it is around the ball. But I do recommend that you get rid of the stress ball as soon as you can so that you can successfully use the technique just with your fist – you won’t always have your stress ball with you when you need to use the technique!

You can take this technique with you into your daily life - it's a very effective stress buster. So, whenever you feel anxious or under stress, then you can make your fist, imagine all the tension flowing into that fist, then open the fist and imagine all the tension leaving the hand and evaporating into the air around you.

When you do self-hypnosis, you can rehearse this technique in your mind. It is especially useful if you regularly face a stressful situation - you can use the technique in self-hypnosis to generate a reduction in the stress response caused by the situation.

Health warning

If you are experiencing stress because of a confrontational situation, then be careful about using this technique visibly – making a fist could be construed as aggressive, which in turn could lead to violence! It is possible to use this technique purely in the mind, so, after practising it physically, also learn to use it mentally.