Interesting Facts about Health and Fitness


Physical Health Importance

Physical health and fitness make us more capable to live our life with full of joy and happiness. A person who is physically active and perfect with body fitness can enjoy every part of his life. Fitness means is not only your body fitness; also your mental health has an important role. For example, a person is physically good, but not good mentally. Our mental health belongs to our physical health. We can help our mental health to relax using our physical exercises and body fitness.

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    • Facts about Good Health and Fitness

      Here we are describing different types of interesting facts about health and fitness. Please read below.

      1. According to health and fitness authorities said that death ratio is being high due to lack of exercise as compared to the smoking people. Because body needs activeness.
      2. Fast food or junk food are not good for health, especially for people who takes dinner or breakfast from the restaurants, they becomes fattier and indulge in high risk of Obese.
      3. Swimming is a very good activity to reduce the high blood pressure, which is really good for the health.
      4. Mostly people said that laugh makes you happy and mentally fit. But exercise makes you sharper mentally. Because, according to research 100 times of laugh is equal to just 15 minutes of exercise that makes active mentally.
      5. Continuously sitting is very harmful to the health and also cause of early death.
      6. Tobacco and Alcohol's have very bad effects on our body, while these are a common part of our life. Almost 30% chance of cancer can be prevented to avoid tobacco and alcohol.
      7. Less sleeping is also another cause of bad health. At least 7 hours of sleep should be required to prepare for next working hours.
      8. The soft drink that we look around, are actually not good for our health. Like, a can of soda that used in a day may increase the chance of diabetes type 2 which is very harmful for our health.
      9. A father's diet also plays a very much role before planning a baby, because healthy sperm makes healthy baby, which is really good and healthy for both child and father.
      10. Chicken that we have been using nowadays is very fatty than 40 years ago chicken meat. Because farming and feed process is changed. Early growing and synthetic process of feeding make it possible for more fat in a chicken. A survey report that today chicken is more than 260% fatty than early ages chicken.
      11. Constipation is another big problem of good health. In fact, you can say that constipation is the root disease of many other diseases. We really need to use some healthy and easy digest able food.
      12. Always releasing your tension, because it increases your immune system and also boost your body health. Releasing tension could be in different ways like shouting, complain, annoyed and also may different ways.
      13. The shower is very necessary part of our life. That is not only in the sense of good looking or for style. This is only for good health. Because shower makes your body more active mentally and physically also.
      14. Diabetes is increasing very speedy, especially in adults. Because unconditional usage of technology and not having any physical activity. Dark room life and long sitting schedule are the basic reason of early diabetes.
      15. Exercise in the early morning with an empty stomach is very good to reduce your fat.
      16. Doctor's diagnosis is still very effective than symptoms checker mobile apps. Always recommend a doctor to diagnose and well treated about your health.
      17. Almost 70 to 80% of people that lived in rural areas are still relying on herbs and plant based medicines that may beneficial in some cases. But mostly it could be dangerous, because of not proper diagnosis.


      We should need to walk or some physical activities at least half hour a day that will increase our health and immune system. Healthy diet plan and active routine life job make your life more healthy and joyful.