Defining Hypnosis - Introduction to Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind


What Is Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a state that we enter into each and every day of our lives. Without you even realising it, every time you drive your car down a familiar road, watch the television, or have your mind focused on something, you’re effectively in a state of hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply a state of mind whereby we’re suggestible to external influences more so than we would normally be.

Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind

The mind can best be thought of being divided into three separate layers. The conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the critical mind which separates the two. Our conscious mind is the part of our mind that analyses our surroundings, it’s the part of our mind that makes us consciously aware of things. It allows us to critically analyse new thoughts, ideas and situations and allows us to make decisions. You’re using your conscious mind right now in order to read this text, it’s the thinking part of your mind, it’s what you know reality to be.

The subconscious part of our mind is entirely different, however, and takes up the greater portion of our mind. The subconscious mind stores experiences, things we have experienced with not only our senses but also our imagination. It’s the part of our mind that we’re not aware of, we’re not aware of what goes on in our subconscious mind during our normal day to day activities. Yet despite this unawareness, the subconscious mind is the fundamental thing that determines our morals, ethics, views and the way we behave in certain situations. It determines when we’re going to be frightened when we should sweat, be happy, be sad or become excited. It controls all our emotions and can cause our bodies to enter into different psychological and physiological states.

Functions of Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind

Our subconscious isn’t able to critically analyse things like our conscious mind can. In fact, any thoughts that enter within our subconscious almost cannot be rejected. Have you ever seen a scary horror film, been frightened, or experienced trauma in some way before in your life? Do you ever have images that occasionally come back to your subconscious mind that you don’t want to remember? All of your past experiences are stored within your subconscious, yet you’re not aware of it, and it’s only occasionally that they surface to your conscious mind. Your conscious mind you see can choose to reject what it thinks about, your subconscious, however, cannot, and therefore whatever enters within your subconscious, effectively becomes a part of your persona.

A layer between Consciousness and Sub-Consciousness

The thing separating our conscious and our subconscious is the critical part of our mind. When we’re consciously aware of suggestions, we can choose to ignore them or reject them, utilising our critical mind. The critical mind is effectively a part of our consciousness and is what enables us to have judgements. Without our critical mind then we’d act upon almost any suggestion that was given to us.

Hypnotic Trance

Now when we’re in a state of trance, which is a deeply relaxed state where we become suggestible to external influence, we become less critical of our surroundings. Our conscious mind becomes more relaxed and susceptible to influence, which in turn causes the critical part of our mind to be, well, not so critical. It’s within this state of trance that we become highly open to new suggestions and ideas, and become more likely to act upon those ideas. Any thoughts that are given to us can flow freely into our subconscious, without our critical mind rejecting them.

If we were to suggest to ourselves certain thoughts when in a trance state, then those thoughts enter within our subconscious. Since any new ideas that enter into our subconscious effectively determine the way we behave and act, we’re more likely than not to take on board these new ideas and make them a part of our life, even if we’re not consciously aware of it. We can plant positive suggestions within our subconscious, positive suggestions such as wanting to overcome an addiction of some form, a phobia, a fear, just about any psychological condition. The suggestions can be used to change just about any part of the way we behave. When we become out trance, any suggestions we gave ourselves whilst within the state will effectively become a part of who we are.

That is, effectively what hypnosis is. Entering into a state of trance, receiving suggestions that we can’t critically analyse so easily, therefore allowing our subconscious a greater likelihood of taking them on board, and finally becoming out of this state and then acting upon those suggestions that were given to us. It’s not uncommon to even forget when we’re in hypnosis since our subconscious mind is doing most of the thinking, and we don’t know what our subconscious thinks. It’s not unusual for people to forget up to 80%, sometimes more, of what took place in a session of hypnosis. This, however, isn’t necessarily always the case, and most times we enter into hypnosis we remember approximately 70% of what happened, forgetting only 30% or so. Sometimes we may remember anything, it really all depends on.

So as you can see, hypnosis is a powerful tool of influence. We can use it to influence ourselves, influence others, and change behaviours that we never thought were changeable. Since it’s the subconscious that drives the way we behave, by changing the subconscious, we’ll be able to change ourselves.

Hypnosis in Day to Day Life

Hypnosis is also used quite frequently in commercial contexts. If you’ve ever watched the television and seen an advertisement, no doubt you’ve been hypnotised without you even being aware of it. You see commercials are often designed to plant suggestions within our subconscious, suggestions such as “go out and buy this product now”. The commercials can illicit some form of need or want on your part, a certain need or want that you may not have had before watching the commercial. It could trigger your taste buds to salivate in the case of a commercial advertising some form of food or cuisine, or it could trigger a desire of envy within you in the case of the commercial advertising a more luxurious product that you want to buy. Whatever the situation, be it a television commercial, you driving in your car, or you hypnotising yourself, there is no doubt that hypnosis is a powerful tool and a powerful state that we enter into each and every day.

What You Will Learn

This site was designed to educate you in the field of hypnotism and offer you some information, training and resources that you can use, free of charge, to start learning about this unique and wonderful art. You’ll notice a number of links hyperlinked to the subject which will allow you to navigate the various articles that have been written covering predominately all types of hypnosis including Self Hypnosis and Covert Hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is all to do deal with hypnotising yourself and understanding how the process of hypnosis works from an individual perspective. Covert hypnosis is more about hypnotising other people and covers other various fields of hypnosis such as mass hypnosis.

We do hope you enjoy the contents of this site and encourage you to read over what we have to offer. Know that hypnosis isn’t something that you’ll understand in just one day, it takes time and practice to fully master the art and put it to good use. By starting today, however, and practising a little each day, you’ll soon be well on your way to using hypnosis, be it to hypnotise yourself or other people, in order to live a happier, more productive life.