IQ 160+ Myths I Hate

iq myths

Forget IQ scores if you are not an imbecile, low grade idiot, virtual vegetable or any of these ridiculous IQs. 160 IQ score has probably made you want to praise yourself because Einstein and Mozart's IQ measured 160. You began to think and feel good that you are a genius. Good for you, that emotional appeal.

That's what I call it. What if you are wrong? Online magazines, media coverage and IQ research frontier have foisted IQ-obsessions on us all. How do I mean? We see praises of those guys who were mentioned on CNN and BBC, how they scored 180+. They became celebrities right that instance of the IQ publicity and fame. Remember the popular Mensa IQ test, Progressive matrices and even Wechsler? ~the lies they sold to us.

Actually, I am an IQ-critic with 0% tolerance for Intelligence Quotient myths, I would explain 6 succinct reasons why an IQ test may not worth your time.

Reasons IQ scores may or may not what your time are these six reasons given below:

1. Intelligence is multi-faceted and IQ is only one part of it

Many IQ tests disregard social aspect of life. A more meaningful test of one's intelligence is emotional intelligence which includes coping skill, social relationship and emotional awareness.

2. IQ is too cognitive-focused

Socio-emotional intelligence is more meaningful in dealing withsocial situations and the mundane aspects of everyday life. Don’t agreed? What do you think about adding emotional intelligence into intelligence tests?

3. IQ is positively correlated with many abnormal health conditions

You want to know? Google-search it and you will see a lot about what Iam saying here. Among some of the disorders correlated with high IQ scores are depression (Vincent Van Gogh's case study), sleeplessness etc.

4. Academic achievement isn't a thesaurus replacement of IQ

Many IQ-obsessed folks out there erroneously conceive of intelligence as high academic standing. But before you criticize me, I achieved a Suma Cum Laude with an IQ score of what I don’t know. Surprised? Academic achievement depends so much on practice and learning.

5. IQ is not as static as you think

IQ is just a figure and this figure can change so far it depends on environmental factors. This is the scientific theory called neuroplasticity in neuroscience. Environment fine-tunes your brain, and so your intelligence.

6. IQ-obsession is an obsession that distracts

Want to make this practical? Focus on only your IQ all your life and leave other things undone ~you will realize how miserable you could be.

Haven mentioned all these, it is also important to explain the attributes of people with extreme IQ score.

There is uniqueness in how individuals will to a great degree high IQs think. We would expect that, wouldn't we? They decipher the world uniquely in contrast to individuals with essentially bring down IQs.

Your question was particularly how they think, so here are the qualities about how individuals with high IQs think:

1. They can keep up more data at a given time

Along these lines, the measure of detail they can hold while considering any issue is bigger, in this way, they have more to attract from when attempting to make sense of something.

2. They can hold data longer

The lower your IQ, the all the more rapidly you overlook data. The more you can effectively get to data, the more probable you are to achieve an exact conclusion.

3. They can easily relate thoughts

Along these lines, they can make a larger number of associations among subtle elements than individuals with lower IQs. For instance, you request that somebody name ten things you can utilize a block for OTHER than building. A few people will battle with this. Some will discover the task simple.

4. They invest more energy thinking

That is, they tend to give issues more thought instead of settling on one of the most punctual conceivable outcomes. Examine demonstrates that individuals who understand mind mysteries concoct similar arrangements at an early stage, yet they, dissimilar to individuals who have a tendency to misunderstand them, continue contemplating it, so they engage more conceivable answers before choosing the best answer. For instance,

Author bio: Bukunmi Adewumi is a science blogger. He writes about IQ, brain science and personal development at Neuroscientia. Debunking the myths about the IQ is a core philosophy of His blog. Feel free to contact him.