Is Covert Hypnosis other Name for Persuasion?


The definition of hypnosis in the dictionary is “a sleep-like a state” or “to be in a state that resembles sleep”. But people who are practising hypnosis will strongly stand against this definition. Hypnotists fell that it is just the opposite to the state of sleep.

Some feel that a person under hypnosis will be more alert and conscious and some others say that it is neither a state of full consciousness or full unconsciousness. But according to covert model, hypnosis cannot be defined since such a state does not exist. This is the reason why we say that there is no exact scale to measure the level of hypnosis induction in a person. How can you measure something that does not exist?

There are many misconceptions in people about the effects of hypnosis derived from the stage shows, street shows and television programs. They assume hypnotist to be a magician who comes in gleaming dresses and instructs his subject to look into his eyes and go sleepy. The subject will be then instructed to do something evil and when he awakes after some time will have no idea about what was done. The subject was assumed to be under the spell of the hypnotist. Actually, this is possible in certain subjects and is done to entertain others but it has earned a bad reputation for hypnosis and generated confusion in the minds of people.

Hypnosis is an effective tool that can be used for solving numerous problems of the mankind. People may fall in total unconsciousness, partial unconsciousness or remember everything when under trance depending on their mental capability and physical condition. The same person can experience different state at different times. So the effect of hypnosis cannot be clearly defined or measured.

This controversy is not limited hypnosis; you can find this type of disagreement in any field like medicine, legal or philosophy. The debate begins on controversies leading to the growth and evolution of new fields.

Covert Hypnosis Definition

The covert hypnosis model believes in the theory of Kreskin that, hypnosis does not exist. The existence of hypnosis is a myth.

In his book “Secrets of Amazing Kreskin” says that hypnosis is persuasion to accept a suggestion.

This means that the trance state that a person gets into as seen in traditional hypnosis has nothing to do with hypnosis. The trance state is separate from hypnosis and has no relation. In hypnosis, you only need the subject to follow your suggestion. You only want him to oblige to your suggestions, his state of mind is immaterial.

The Kreskin theory of “hypnosis does not exist” is true when you realise that hypnosis is actually persuasion. Through hypnosis, you are persuading the subject to act according to your likes. The hypnotist use suggestions to direct the person to cooperate and respond to further suggestions.

The basic idea of hypnosis in any form is just to communicate or persuade directly to the subconscious mind. The aim of the hypnosis must be to hide the conscious mind from this attempt to avoid resistance. So the attempt of hypnosis is kept as a secret in covert method from the subject to avoid resistance.