Is Hypnosis a Real Science or a Pseudo Science


Many people think that hypnosis is an ineffective tool to treat problems associated with mind. They may have reasons to believe so. Their previous sessions with a hypnotist may have turned out to be a failure.

The hypnotist may not have been able to bring them to a state of trance because the hypnotist was either a scam or inexperienced.

A few cases of failure don’t mean that hypnosis is not real or a pseudo-science. Hypnosis can be applied to anyone as long as the hypnotist is a qualified and experienced one. This is probably the only treatment that can reach your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis has been practised for ages when other medical treatments were not available. Shamans in the olden days used hypnosis to treat both mental and physical disorders.

Research on the subject made hypnosis an accepted branch of science capable of dealing with both the subconscious and conscious mind. We all have live instances of being hypnotised in one way or the other in our daily lives. These instances will convince you that hypnosis is not a fake science.

For example, when you read, write and watch a movie, your mind will be taken to a different level by what are fully engaged in. When you read an interesting story, you find that your thoughts are influenced by the thoughts of the characters in the story.

Your physical and mental reactions to certain scenes in a film will be so spontaneous that you will not notice how far you have already been carried away by the film you are watching.

Similarly, if you are writing something interesting, you will wonder at how oblivious you were to the outside world while you were fully concentrated in your writing.

These are some examples of being hypnotised in your daily life by what you are concentrating on. They have a great influence on your mind. The way you think and act are influenced by what you are doing and watching. Your mood and feelings swing according to a theme of the story or film.

You sometimes feel happy, sad, angry and excited without you being fully aware of the change in you. These changes in you are brought about by this external forces-the book and the film. Whether you like it or not, you are bound to be influenced by the emotions which the book or the film is intended for.

You may wonder afterwards how easily you were influenced by the message the book or the film conveyed. The conclusion is that human mind can easily be influenced and made to react in any way external forces want.

There are other ways also to check how easily your mind will be influenced by external factors and suggestions by others.

The key to success is to discover your own mind. Through hypnosis, you can discover the negative thoughts hidden in your subconscious mind which will always try to hinder your progress.

As long as you harbour the negative thoughts and bad habits in you, success in life will remain unattainable. Have belief in hypnosis and treat your conscious and subconscious mind to get rid of your negative thoughts and live a more successful life.