Juicing for Constipation - Delicious Digestion


If you have problems with your stomach that aren't related to weight loss - don't fret, juicing could still be the answer. Juice is a fantastic option for getting an instant hefty dose of the most valuable vitamins and nutrients that your system needs. This can be fantastic for people who suffer from constipation frequently - caused in part by their poor dietary choices, and a digestive system that struggles to process foods at the right speed.

In a study conducted and published by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, researchers discovered that certain juices are effective at increasing the frequency of bowel movement - and their water content. Simply put, juicing not only hydrates you - making it easier for foods to move through the digestive tract, but it removes the complications involved with asking your gut to sift through piles of fibre for the nutrition it needs.

So, which are the best juicing for constipation ingredients to use when your stomach is playing havoc?

1. An apple a day…


Apples are probably one of the most popular fruits in the world. These delicious bundles of joy contain both insoluble and soluble fiber. Though the insoluble fiber can be eliminated through juicing, the soluble fiber remains - promoting good digestion.

According to Livestrong, a small apple contains about 4.4 grams of fiber, and removing the skin will reduce that amount slightly, but you still get a decent amount of fiber in your juice. A bonus feature of apple is that they're also rich in flavonoids, vitamins, and phytonutrients that are extremely beneficial to the human body. They are also particularly popular when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels in check, and apples can help with heart disease, and the regulation of blood fat levels.

2. Kiwi Fruit


Another delicious fruit that's low in sugar and high in fiber, Kiwi fruit contains about 5 grams of fiber for every cup of fruit. Of course, the benefits don’t' stop there. There's also plenty of other beneficial nutrients to ingest too. Kiwis are loaded with vitamin C, K, and E, as well as copper, folate, manganese, potassium, and more! The fiber in kiwi can help to bind and remove toxins from the colon, which assists in preventing colon cancer.

What's more, not only does kiwi help you add fiber to your diet - it also provides a host of additional benefits as well - prompting better cardiovascular performance, reduced risks of macular degeneration, and lower symptoms of asthma.

3. Oranges

Oranges are best known for their high doses of vitamin C, and the immune system boosting powers that come with it. However, oranges also contain a less-mentioned, but equally valuable ingredient: naringenin. This powerful flavonoid helps to fight the free radicals that cause damage within the cells of your body - protecting you from problems with your bowels and health on a cellular level.

Aside from their antioxidant abilities, flavonoids like naringenin also aid in the removal of constipation, and have been found to be useful as laxatives. Because of this, studies indicate that naringenin may be a fantastic alternative treatment to constipation.

4. Spinach


Love it or hate it, spinach is wonderful for your health. When it comes to promoting good health, green leafy vegetables are superheroes - but spinach is particularly valuable in the case of constipation. According to experts, just a single cup of cooked spinach can offer 4 grams of fiber, and it also comes with plenty of magnesium too!

While you might already be aware of the benefits of fiber for digestion, you might not know that magnesium helps the colon to attract water to help flush things along. Some physicians actually use magnesium-enriched laxatives to help their patients during periods of extreme constipation.

5. Beets


Plenty of juicing recipes use beets as their primary ingredient. Beets contain a huge number of different nutrients and vitamins, from antioxidants and phytonutrients, to various other wonderful things like:

  1. Vitamin B6 and vitamin C
  2. Potassium
  3. Copper
  4. Fiber
  5. Magnesium
  6. Iron
  7. Phosphorus
  8. Folate

A glass of beet juice mixed with spinach and even some of the other items we've listed above could be just what you need to get your stomach working at its optimum levels again!

Author bio: Rebekah Carter is a dedicated author and full-time writer with a passion in health, fitness, marketing, and business.