Law of Attraction 5 Ways to Shift Your Attraction Vibe


Many of my clients are familiar with the law of attraction and no matter how many courses, programs and books they read about it, they still seem to feel stuck. There are so many variables to using this law that is not explained by those who claim it to be SO easy. I hear many people say that they are so hard on themselves for not doing it right. Well, you are always using the law of attraction because it is always working. The problem is that you may not be applying it to attract what you consciously want. Here are some tips to help you shift the vibe and see miracles start to occur in your life.

  1. 1. Be open to any possibility. You may want to attract a certain type of person, money or a specific job, but there is a wisdom inside of you that knows exactly what you need. Trust in that intelligence and be open to what shows up for you. Maybe you are attracting what you want but you haven't seen the whole picture yet. Sometimes not getting what we ask for is also a sign that something even better is on the way.
  2. Change the subconscious. Of course, many of those who are familiar with my work know that this is a huge component for success in getting what you want. Even if you do think positive on the surface, the subconscious mind could be holding a different idea and block your attraction vibe. Self-hypnosis is the best way to reveal subconscious blocks and amend them to get you back on track.
  3. Watch Your Energy. You may be thinking positive but still feeling doubt or impatience around attracting what you want. If you are fearful about money or finding love, you are sending a strong signal to the subconscious that you really don't believe you can have it. This immediately stops to flow to you and creates more of the same lack in your outer world. I just created two clearing programs to address these issues for money and love. Money Anxiety Release and Dating Anxiety Release. Getting your energy back on track will support you in abundance.
  4. Protect Your Mind from Negative Messages. Whether it is the television, radio or even the crowd you hang out with, these outer influences penetrate your subconscious mind and hypnotise you unwillingly. Surround yourself with supportive people and happy movies and songs. Your mind will get the right idea.
  5. Be Grateful. You hear this all the time but this is such an important element to attracting what you want. If you go through a list of ten things every day that you are grateful for, your energy vibration will that of abundance and love. This higher vibration sends out a signal to the universe that you want more of it.


Don't be too hard on yourself. Life is tough enough as it is. Go with the flow and be happy and grateful in the here and now. Follow those good feelings and more good will flow to you constantly. Remember that nothing out there in the world can make you any happier than you could be right here in this moment. Relax and be in the present to make every day a miraculous adventure.