Learn and implement Covert Hypnosis


You must have seen a hypnosis show either on the TV or live – some members from the audience are invited on the stage, are hypnotised on stage and then they start clucking like a chicken, or doing the Macarena in front of a huge crowd- maybe hundred or even thousands of people. The kind of hypnosis normally used for shows is quite different from Covert Hypnosis. Covert Hypnosis begins with a conversation between two people that if seen by anyone else, looks like a very normal and simple conversation.

During a Covert Hypnosis, a hypnotist will attempt to communicate with the unconscious part of the mind of another person. The hypnotist will not let the subject to know that he is being hypnotised, and the hypnotist will also be very subtle in the attempt to get the person hypnotised.

Covert Hypnosis is mostly used to try to persuade the individual getting hypnotised to alter his/her behaviour in some way, like to quit smoking or drinking or even to persuade a probable client regarding the value of a product that is being sold.

Convert hypnosis involves the usage of the certain cautiously chosen set of words, movements, facial expressions and gestures that are used to link with the subject’s subconscious mind. The main idea of using Covert Hypnosis is persuading the subject to change his/her mind and making the subject think that it was his/her idea from the start. Covert Hypnosis, also known as “sleight of mouth”, which is taken from the popular phrase “sleight of hand”, which is a description of the fast handiwork of a magician or pickpocket.

It is very important, in Covert Hypnosis, that the subject or person getting hypnotised is not aware of the hypnosis. If he/she is aware then mental block come up and the spell can break easily. In Covert Hypnosis, the individual is permitted to become a part of the hypnosis even though there is no knowledge that he/she is a part of the hypnosis.

Covert Hypnosis works by having the analytical part of the brain to successfully shut down. The hypnotist slowly and slyly gets the individual into a kind of trance, even though the person is wide-awake and cognizant. The individual will feel like he/she has just drifted in the moment when he/she is under the manipulation of the Covert Hypnosis.

During this condition, the brain analytical power shuts down, and sometimes you are not even able to remember important information like name, age or even location. It may look like a magical experience, but all the hypnotist has done is take advantage of an evolutionary kink in the human brain, i.e., the hypnotist is rewiring the brain to cause a short circuit that makes the individual lose the ability of analytic thought.