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A lot of people have heard the term, anyone who has seen Derren Brown on 'Mind Control' have seen it in action, but few know exactly what it is.

Menatlism is part of what we might call magic, but with the focus on tricking the mind rather than using gadgets and machines to achieve illusions. It has the effect of making the audience believe that the performer can tap into the mind of his or her 'victim' and control them or even know what they will do before they know it themselves.

Many uneducated in the field can come to believe that the best performers are in connection with some spiritual being of some sort that he or she calls upon to conduct some information or perform some task. However, mentalism is without a doubt a skill. Something that can be learned with time and should not be mistaken for some chaminsim. "Magic is the ability to make the real seem unreal."

Mentalists don't have the direct power over somebody elses mind, they just know tricks to make people do what they want. It is the ability to use the knowledge of human psychology to build great illusions.

Mentalism is making head way as it is the fastest growing form of magic performed today. It is very popular and peformers like Derren Brown and Chris Angel are just two of the more commonly recognized.

A Short Explanation of What Hypnosis Is

Let's begin with what it is not. It is not the Hollywood misinterpreted version where a person can become someone elses "dog" for instance and bark like a dog for two hours only to remember nothing once it's over. It is not being "alseep." Rather it is a state of mind where we are fully attentive of what is happening. It is a very popular part of mentalism, and some psychiatrists actually regard it as common state of mind. It is the trance like state of mind and we become relaxed and almost defenseless to suggestion.

It is like when you are totally absorbed by a book you're reading, or movie you're watching. You become unaware of the turning of the pages and you "see" the story unfolding. Mentalists aim to trigger that state of mind in you quickly, by focusing on them, you become unaware of other things that take place simultaneously.

If you aim to learn mentalism for real, and I really recommend it, then check out the Master Mentalism. Regardless of its blatant cover, Master Mentalism is quite the course and definitely worth studying.

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