Learning’s from Igor Ledochowski’s Book - The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis


In this post, I thought of writing my experience using what I’ve learned from Igor Ledochowski’s The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis course.

I was actually quite surprised how easy it was for me to hypnotise a friend of my through the telephone. It worked on a friend of mine, Vanessa, when she called me a couple of days ago with a problem she is facing.

Vanessa called me about a month after I had completed the conversational hypnotism course, and told me she was going through a rough patch. She had been laid off from the job she had worked for 6 years because of cutbacks, right after she had purchased her first home.

She was sobbing and panicking, trying to figure out how she was going to keep her house and what she could do. Once I could get a word in, I began to discuss how she could move on and make her life better, using what I had learned from Igor Ledochowski’s online verbal hypnosis course.

It was like second nature, and soon she had stopped crying and became much more optimistic.

Vanessa’s fatalistic attitude, cursing her misfortune and focusing on her problems, changed to a sense of happiness and certainty that losing her job would lead to better things in her life.

I was shocked by how quickly I had turned her mood around through the verbal hypnosis techniques taught by Ledochowski. With other types of hypnotism, this sort of reversal would take hours instead of mere moments!

Before we hung up, Vanessa even got angry at me for taking credit for her change in behaviour. The techniques I used allowed her to feel like she came to those conclusions herself, all while I was leading the conversation.

Conversational hypnosis helps you plant positive ideas in a person’s mind, so you can control the situation and the person you are helping can feel empowered! That’s exactly what happened from the telephone conversation I had with Vanessa.

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