Top 10 Leg Cramps Treatment


Treatment of leg cramps is only possible if you get the underlying cause of it. For instance, if your leg cramps are related to liver disease which usually caused by high levels of toxins in the blood this can lead to muscles contraction and in such case when your leg cramps are unknown or it is idiopathic leg cramps then your doctor may recommend you only painkiller medicine to get temporary relief. Leg cramps are usually not a big lethal issue but you should take care of your health and treat it.

If you suffer from these regular legs cramps then I must advise that you consult to your doctor, your doctor may recommend you vitamin D, Calcium, magnesium and potassium containing medicines. Let’s know about some other ways to get rid of this problem.

To know more about leg cramps visit this page “Leg Cramps: sleep related movement disorder

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    • Treatment to Cure Leg Cramps

      1. Warm water shower

      If you feel pain in your legs or foot then take a warm shower or place a hot water bag on that spot where you have pain.

      2. Eat calcium rich food

      Legs cramps are sometimes caused by lack of calcium in your body. So, start eating calcium contained food and milk. This will help you to lessen your pain.

      3. Fulfill The Need Of Magnesium And Potassium

      You should involve such essential nutritious food items in your diet like nuts, beans, brown bread, banana, oranges, etc…It helps you to fulfill the deficiency of potassium and magnesium in your body and give you more relief from leg cramps problem.

      4. Rosemary or lavender oil

      You can use rosemary or lavender oil in case of paining in leg cramps, you just need to apply the oil and do massage for few minutes’. These will give some relief from pain and tightness in muscles.

      5. Banana

      Banana is rich in magnesium and potassium and this will help you a lot to remove pain and stretchiness.

      6. Mustard oil

      Mustard oil contains lots of beneficial qualities, it has acidic acid which helps to remove body pain. So, take some oil and lukewarm it and then massage your knees and legs with it.

      7. Drink Water

      You should drink plenty of water or other fluids- sports drink such as Gatorade, it helps you to give relief from legs cramps.

      8. Exercise

      In most of the cases legs cramps can also be treated by two different types of exercises- First when you do exercise during legs cramps to relieve the pain and second when do exercise during the day to reduce how often you get leg cramps.

      9. Quinine and painkillers

      If you’re having sudden leg cramps while sitting or sleeping, then you can try painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen as these medicines can help you to reduce pain from leg cramps. Moreover you can also take quinine, as we all knows that quinine is designed for the medication of malaria but it is quite surprising that it is also effectively helps in reducing frequent leg cramps and pain from it.

      10. Ice or Cold pack

      You can try ice or cold pack in leg cramps problem, you have to note one more thing that you should keep a cloth between your skin and the ice pack.

      I hope you all liked my suggestions and these might be helping you to get some relief or cure from leg cramps problem.

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