How to Control Leptin and Ghrelin for Weight Loss Using Hypnosis


In you have not noticed, the systems and chemical processes of the body do not always work in a peaceful, symbiotic relationship, particularly if your body has been subjected to the effects of stress, insomnia, and unhealthy food and beverage choices—not to mention a sedentary lifestyle.

There are circumstances in which the human brain could use a little bit of outside help with the telling all other systems how to behave properly, especially in the case of trying to lose weight and regain stamina.

Before we get in detail lets quickly see what these harmones are and how hypnosis can lower your leptin & gherlin for weight loss

What can Leptin and Ghrelin do for the body?

These two hormones have an interesting relationship because of their contrasting functions in regard to appetite—not to mention where they originate in the body. Ghrelin, for starters, is secreted by cells in the pancreas and stomach and is responsible for triggering the sensation of hunger and as a result, weight gain. In proper and normal levels, ghrelin helps a body to survive by preventing it from going into starvation mode and thus, storing energy.

It also plays an important role in the neurotrophic process of the brain, which facilitates learning and adaptability—again think in terms of survival.

Ghrelin is such an efficient hormone when it comes to growth that your body also requires yet another hormone to counteract its effects. This is known as leptin, and its job is to bring some balance to the appetite. Leptin, ironically enough, comes from the fat cells in the body and causes you to feel full after eating.

It is also similar to insulin in the sense that levels can get out of control very quickly if you partake of too much starch, sugar and other simple carbs.

Now the good news is that when you have a good balance of leptin, it efficiently sends messages to the brain when you have consumed enough calories, which results is reduced appetite. Furthermore, this handy hormone speeds up metabolism by telling the body to start burning calories.

So ultimately, a rational equilibrium between these two chemicals is not just normal but also conducive to weight loss, but learning to create that balance is key. This is how Leptin and Ghrelin work in the body.

Hypnosis - Possibly Supportive But Not Always Portrayed Accurately

Thanks to mainstream media and some stage performers, hypnosis is often portrayed in the wrong light.

You might have seen on T.V. or in a movie someone who has been hypnotized and ends up doing something silly, as suggested by the hypnotist, or something that is extremely illegal.Perhaps, you have also watched a crime drama in which a hypnotist works with a potential witness to help him or her remember

“What Exactly Happened”

This is not how hypnosis works! The hypnotic state has not been proven to promote accurate memory retrieval, but at the same time, it does not bring on a psychosis or a deep depression. Furthermore, by itself, it does not constitute a type of therapy, contrary to popular belief.

However, according to the American Psychological Association, an increasing number of scientific studies have proven its helpful benefits in the treatment of anxiety, phobias, pain, and other maladies.

As an illustration, a study was conducted at Mount Sinai School of Medicine by group led by Dr. Guy H. Montgomery. They found that patients who underwent hypnosis for fifteen minutes before going into surgery stated that they had less pain and discomfort afterward.

Dr. Montgomery and his fellow researchers also studied patients’ outcome who received hypnosis in conjunction of cognitive-behavioral therapy while undergoing treatment for breast cancer and less fatigue and pain were reported by the participants.

So even though hypnosis is not the “cure-all” for all types of physical and psychological issues, it can provide a nominal amount of support for current treatment that a person is receiving.

How Hypnosis helps to regulate these hormones

So the important question is how can hypnosis and guided meditation enhance the weight loss process, and can it affect how the two hormones, ghrelin and leptin, interact in the body to help you lose pounds? Well, the logical answer would be to decrease one while maximizing the other.

You might consider looking at the different purposes for hypnosis to determine what works best for your regimen:

  1. Hypnosis for Improving Sleep: Lack of sleep results in lack of energy, which sets off the production of ghrelin, the appetite-increasing hormone.

    Ghrelin levels can get out of control if you do not get at least seven to eight hours of deep sleep every night.

    Hypnosis has been applied to alleviate the effects of insomnia and fatigue, which means that ghrelin levels can more easily return back to normal.

  2. Hypnosis for Stress Relief: Major life changes and traumatic events can activate the body’s biochemical alarm system, which means that ghrelin goes into overload, resulting in heightened hunger and stress eating.

    Using hypnosis for relaxation and relief from the effects of stress can lower amounts of ghrelin in your body while allowing leptin levels to their intended job of suppressing hunger.

  3. Hypnosis for Change of Behavior: Although the entertainment industry has greatly exaggerated the power of suggestion brought on by hypnosis (science behind hypnosis), there is a correlation with changes of behavior, particularly with coping strategies that can replace stress or binge eating.

Again, even though hypnosis is not the only answer to the dieting and weight loss dilemma, there are some valuable gems to this practice. You can learn to manage habits, rather than allowing them to manage you.

Your quality of sleep, if that is an issue, can be greatly improved. Stress will no longer take a physical toll on your body.

Once the psychological and emotional balance is attained, then the hormones will follow suit. Less ghrelin and cortisol in the system (and coincidentally, an increase in hormones, like HCG which are seen in hcg drops (I found this site for “reasons to buy hcg” search term), which slows down the effects of aging) means that leptin can more be released more easily. This helps to keep hunger down to a more manageable state.

Additionally, hypnosis can pave the way to a whole other lifestyle change that is related to more than just diet and physical fitness. Being hypnotized can also help you to pinpoint and tackle problems that might be the root of the poor eating habits, like binging, mindless eating, or stress eating.

With the help of a certified professional hypnotist, you can face these issues and cravings directly and learn how to better deal with them in order to improve your eating habits and better yet, your whole outlook on life in general.

When your perspective on life and adversity change, then you are also looking at the possibility of a long term balance between the hormones, ghrelin and leptin, which translates to excellent chances for keeping the extra weight off.

Whereas hypnosis might not be the fast and easy answer to weight loss, it’s an excellent avenue toward stress and anxiety relief, which is always an advantage in today’s hurried world, and having that alleviation of tension can help improve your overall outlook and increase your motivation for reaching your fitness goals.

However, before you start spending valuable time and expense on a hypnotist, you should check with your family doctor and/or the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the organization that oversees the education and practice of individuals striving to become licensed clinical hypnotists.

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