Lose Weight Running: How to Shed the Pounds


We all know that running is one of those primary exercise routines that come as part of most weight loss plans; after all, we are all capable of lifting our legs and running when we want to. Whereas not all of us can play tennis, balance on a bicycle or avoid drowning under the water while swimming, and that’s why running is the most popular past-time. Besides that, running is free! We can take ourselves off to the local park and run around it, we can run around our local neighborhood, or we can drive to a location that is a prime hotspot for joggers and runners.

So we know all that, but what we want to address in this article is how running contributes to weight loss, are there any particular ways in which we should run? Well, these are the questions that we are going to answer so next time you go out on your regular run you will be more knowledgeable on how to adapt you run best to suit weight loss.

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    • Running or Walking?

      As you can expect running requires more energy and is much harder than walking so you are bound to burn off more calories by running instead of walking. In fact, a recent study proved this by showing that running led to 90% more weight loss than walking.

      Think about it, when you are running and come to a stop your body is still stimulated, it’s still burning off calories because of the high-intensity, whereas walking, once you come to a stop there is very little after-burn because it’s a low-intensity exercise.

      Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight, you should look at running or even jogging, to begin with as this will offer you much more successful results.

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      • Cycling for Lose Weight

        If you want to lose weight in the proper way you can try cycling. Cycling is the best way for lose weight. Now the main factor is how to choose the best bicycle? You can buy hybrid bike for road cycling because it is very cheaper price.

        There are a large amount of what to think about when buying a hybrid bike particularly if you are a starter, but the best way to find out which is perfect for you would be to let them have an example drive to find the most suitable choice for you. Up to probable, buy the finest frame you'll be able to buy.

        Burning Body Fat by Running

        Did you know that when you run at a speed that corresponds to 65% of your maximum heart rate your body will be at its peak stage to burn body fat? Of course, this means you need to find out what that 65% equates to but when you do you can significantly start to lose weight.

        What this simply means is that don’t overdo the speed when you run, don’t run flat out thinking you are going to burn more by pushing yourself in that way. What you want to be doing is looking at the stamina and going the distance because the longer the run lasts, the higher the chances you are going to burn fatter.

        Quick tip: Ditch the sports drink if you are on a weight loss plan because these will only reduce the muscles reliance on body fat because sports drinks contain a lot of carbs.

        What About Waking, Running, Jogging, Running, Walking?

        The other style of running we wanted to look at is the sprint interval training which many weight loss enthusiasts tend to do. There is no doubt that fast running will shed the pounds for you, but try and run uphill instead of on the flat ground, it’s not only easier on your body as a whole if you do this, but it’s also good for both fat burning and improving your cardio levels.

        Walking for a bit then bursting into a 30-second sprint before reducing that to a jog is great for the body and especially good if you want to lose weight. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who cannot maintain a full on sprint but want to try this out then go for it. Rather than sticking to jogging (nothing wrong with this at all), you may find results come faster if you combine your jog/walk with some sprint intervals at 30 seconds or 60 seconds long.

        All in all just keep working on it and the more you train, the better you are going to get.

        How Often Should I Run?

        To begin with, your body is going to be out of shape, and your fitness levels may need a lot to be desired so you don’t want to overdo it as you could mess up your whole diet plan if you have to sit out and repair yourself for a few weeks.

        Instead, go at it sensibly and begin with one run a week to get your muscles and joints used to this new level of exercise. Start very gradually with a 30 minute run once a week for a few weeks and then increase that to a couple of runs in the week, and then just keep adding another day until you are running 4 out of 7 days in the week.

        There is nothing saying that 7 out of 7 days is bad for you but you do want to let your body naturally rest, so we recommend four days enough for a weight loss program; you can always kick it up a gear if you want to begin focusing on health and fitness at a later date.

        Once you are doing 4 days of the 30-minute running session. If you feel comfortable at that level, you can increase the time you are out on your run by an extra 15 minutes. Then again another 15 minutes to make it 1 hour of running 4 days of the week, but we wouldn’t go over that.

        After a few months of running, you will notice the weight loss, but you may also be surprised at the new found fitness levels that you have achieved as well because after a few months your cardio and overall physique will have come on in leaps on bounds.


        Always try and vary your running routes so that you aren’t running the same way each day. You will want to challenge yourself with different types of grounds from grass to concrete as well as inclines that will all go to help weight loss.