5 Steps to Lose Weight without Heavy Exercise


You may also think that losing weight is not possible without heavy exercises…it’s actually not

There is a very simple formula of weight loss saying:

Eat fewer calories + Burn more calories = weight loss

Well, I am not that good at math but you can see that with exercise you are only burning the calories which obviously a great move for losing weight.

But, you can also do this by just changing your diet and start eating low calories food for not gaining any extra calories from now…

I mean if you are eating low calories food then you can burn those calories with just walking or running but burning pizza only possible with Gym routine.

You may be thinking that if I start eating low calories food then my weight will stop right here but then how I can burn the old fats stored in my belly? For this purpose, firstly you need to stop eating new calories so whenever you started your little exercise it will burn the old calories more effectively.

M I confusing you smart Guy? Just come with me to the weight loss tips below and you will understand the complete method…

Step 1: Stop Eating Heavy Calories Food

It’s very difficult to stop eating your favorite foods both from the market and home, but when you have already decided that you are going to lose weight then think it in this way…

“That you have already gained many calories with these items and know well their tastes this time I am going to try new diet both for taste and losing some weight”

Believe me, all those fast foods including your favorite Pizza, Burgers, Nuggets and many others are totally loaded with oil and sugar which is giving you calories more than you ever think…

I know it’s not that easy but I have stopped eating my favorite foods because I am a taste lover and I can make better and good taste with the low calories foods also…

One thing more worked for me that I always say to myself that “I am not leaving those foods forever but just for trying something new when I achieved my weight loss goals I will again eat those on my special days”.

So, you need to say NO to all the fast foods and other cooked in much oil at your home without tasting and showing any interest.

I will tell you what you have to eat then?

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    • Step 2: Stop yourself from eating Sugar

      Sugar is also one of your biggest enemies when you are trying to lose some weight…

      It’s actually not giving you the calories directly like Pizza but its work is to increase your hunger at the next level that you ends up eating more than normal.

      According to many studies, soft drinks and other sweeteners people are eating and drinking unintentionally are actually increasing their hunger.

      So, next time when you are drinking the soda and sweeteners remind yourself that it’s not good for losing weight program.

      You might be thinking that this guy is trying to stop me from eating every single product, just keep reading you a smart guy I also have some special things for you…

      The second step will be completed when you are not eating any items totally loaded with sugar and only drinking soda 1-2 times in a week.

      Step 3: Start Eating Natural Foods

      Natural foods are the ones which grow up just for the humans and should be cooked directly without any further processing like Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts. If you are cooking the tasty recipes of vegetables at home and not eating any processed foods from the market then half of your job is done.

      Vegetables are low calories food because our digestive system is trained enough to digest these foods without any kind of physical routines.

      Bonus Tip: If you are cooking the tasty vegetables at home daily then it will also help you in leaving the fast foods because I believe that most of the time you are eating from outside because the food cooked at home is not that exciting.

      Secondly, In your snacks, you need to eat fruits. I mean if you are feeling hungry in between your meals then instead of buying some snacks you have to eat your favorite fruits.

      Your this move will also save you from artificial eating in your snacks time or you can also eat nuts in your snacks because these are also low calories eatables.

      In a Nutshell: your diet plan must be like protein breakfast like egg or bread with tea, vegetables in lunch, vegetables item in the dinner and fruits in your snacks.

      Step 4: Drink Much Water

      When I was trying to lose weight then most of the online trainers guided me to start eating more than enough water but I ignored in my first few weeks.

      But believe me, when I started drinking the double amount of water the hunger goes down and I was feeling more satisfied after my running session.

      According to many studies, drinking much water boost your metabolism and help you in burning more calories during your exercise session.

      So, the simple formula here without the much math is you need to double the amount of water intake like if you are drinking 8-9 glasses daily then try to drink 14-15 at least.

      Your drinking water routine be like “Drinking water without any reason” can help you a lot in weight loss journey.

      Step 5: Start Doing Exercise

      I know most of us don’t want to start exercise or don’t have time so I am not going to suggest you to spend hours daily running or at the gym. In fact, you don’t even need that much exercise for losing weight.

      Simply select your favorite cardio exercise from running, walking, jogging, Rope jumping and cycling. After getting ready for the exercise in proper costume get to the nearest park.

      You just have to perform your favorite exercise for 15 minutes, seems easy?

      Yeah it’s more than easy but you have to try that during your exercise you are not taking big breaks, So after some days when you are doing the exercise daily for 15 minutes.

      Your body will surely get used to it and then you have to increase the duration for 10 more minutes, I know when you start seeing results you will automatically increase the time.

      But without following the above diet plan it’s useless so you need to firstly focus on your diet and when you are good with your diet then start following this exercise plan.

      Final Words:

      Believe me, if you are following the simple steps given above then you can lose weight very easily but you need to be focused and determined while following these steps.

      To be honest you are not going to see the big results in the first weeks but if you are forcing your body with the steps above for burning calories then after some time your body will give up.

      So, you need to stop eating fast foods, sugar and start eating natural foods and drinking much water with simple exercise plan remember? Let me know which steps you are going to follow in the comments below…