Lowering Self Esteem How Self-Esteem Can Be Damaged


Anything that makes you feel bad about yourself can be lowering self esteem - your self-esteem. For many people, low self-esteem originates in childhood traumas or during puberty. There are countless ways a person’s feelings of self-worth can be damaged – here are a few!

How self-esteem can be lowered

Experiencing Disapproval

This can take the form of direct communication of disapproval or can be in the form of rejection or criticism. As with other causes of lowered feelings of self-worth, this disapproval can occur at any time of life. Examples might be a parent belittling a child’s results at school, or being critical of behaviour patterns (e.g. a father being critical of a son’s interest in dance).

Adverse experiences in childhood

These can range from disappointment at not doing something you wish to do, through bullying, to sexual abuse. (Sex is a very powerful driver, and for a large number of people, low self-esteem has origins of a sexual nature.)


  1. Having friends who are very negative – especially friends who are negative about you! (Do not be afraid to dump friends who are damaging you!)
  2. Anything that makes you feel bad about yourself, such as fear of failure, memories of past failures, poverty, self-doubt, will create low self-esteem, by lowering your feelings of self worth.
  3. There is not the space on this site to cover every possible way in which self-esteem can be damaged. It may be that you are aware of the reasons that you have a low sense of self worth, or it may be that the reasons are locked into your unconscious mind. Whichever is true for you – read on to discover ways in which you can improve your self-esteem.