Medical Hypnosis - Alternative Medicines and Therapies


It is an undeniable fact that everyone can have some certain problem. However, different people try different ways to deal with their problems. But, to help different types of people, there are alternative medicines and therapies which can be used to get better results.

The best thing about these therapies is that they can be used along with taking other medications. Hypnosis is such a way of dealing with different problems and disorders.

Hypnosis is for everyone. There are some people who believe that they cannot be hypnotised. But, the reality is that an expert and trained proficiently can hypnotise anyone including children. Here, it is worth mentioning that modern researchers have shown that getting hypnotised is a sign of having better concentration and focus.

So, if you think that you cannot be hypnotised, then you must have a weak concentration.

Stage Vs medical hypnosis:

You must have seen people performing an act over the stage where they use certain hypnosis techniques on a person to make him do funny acts. This type of hypnosis is known as stage hypnosis.

To learn stage hypnosis, you may not require investing a lot of time. But, it will still demand a lot of practice as it is not easy to master the art of hypnosis.

Apart from stage hypnosis which is also known as amateur hypnosis, there is another form of hypnosis known as medical hypnosis. The basic difference between medical hypnosis and stage hypnosis is that medical hypnosis is performed to learn more about the subject.

It means that medical hypnosis is actually used to handle different problems which may be experienced by a person for some specific reasons.

There are certain situations where a licensed practitioner can give a display of his hypnosis skills. For instance, clinical hypnosis is used to;

  1. Deal with pain which may be making life terrible for the patient
  2. Change bad habits like teeth grinding, smoking, etc.
  3. Help women in pregnancy, especially in case of nausea
  4. Relieve stress and to feel relaxation

All these points show that medical hypnosis is all about treating the patient. It is not to amuse others, but to help others fight their pain and ailments.

What are hypnosis inductions?

Hypnosis inductions are like a charm or ritual. A hypnosis induction is used to induce a hypnotic state. These inductions are used to create a deep trance state to use therapy in a better way.

Inductions are important, but, the most complicated thing is that you may see different therapist using different inductions for different patients.

Self Hypnosis:

Self hypnosis techniques are used by the individual to acquire certain short-term advantages. There are different hypnosis inductions that can be used for instant hypnosis.

These inductions can be used to acquire quick motivation which can help individuals to achieve better results in life.

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that medical hypnosis is beneficial. But, it is a fact that it is the most underutilised technique in hospitals and other health care centres which are a pity.

It has worked for many people and it should actively be followed to treat certain disorders and diseases.