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Mentalism Books PDF - Art of Mind Reading Tricks & Techniques Revealed Free

Free download mentalism tricks pdf book to learn the psychology of mind reading tricks and techniques and to become a mind reader like Lior Suchard & Derren Brown. The pdf book is available in both English & Malayalam and reveals all the secrets & methods needed to read others mind through the eyes. The book consists of 28 chapters and a total of 208 pages.

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What is Mentalism?

Mentalism is an art of revealing the truth (may be personal information such as bank passwords) from the individual without causing any harm to them. The person who practices or performs mentalism tricks is called a Mentalist.

Chapters covered in Mentalism Mind Reading pdf

  1. How to be a mentalist.
  2. Psychology behind mind reading techniques.
  3. The art of mentalism.
  4. Mind Reading and Hypnosis.
  5. How to read minds.
  6. Mind reading techniques of Lior suchard.
  7. Mentalism secrets revealed.
  8. Derren brown tricks of the mind.
  9. How to read others mind through eyes.
  10. How to read women's mind.
  11. Mind control language patterns.
  12. Mind Reading with Computer

Practicing the techniques listed in the book a person can easily become master of mind reading.

The ebook Mentalism Mind Reading pdf is a property of Blind Hypnosis and available for download free. Users are prohibited to make use of the pdf commercially.

Note: Note: The pdf consists of some techniques related to hypnosis and NLP. Users are advised to have a basic knowledge of these topics before going through these sessions. To have a beginner knowledge you may download persuasion techniques pdf and Nlp for beginners pdf.

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  1. Julia Anna - December 02, 2017

    Nice book for beginners thanks

  2. John Doe - December 02, 2017

    A practical self explainable guide helpful for beginners for their start-ups.

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