13 Hypnosis Methods - Quickly Induce Deep Trance (Newbie Guide)

Hypnosis Methods

Simple Things Are Usually Most Effective And Hypnosis Is One Of Them

Most people believe inducing a Hypnotic trance is complicated or something that is unachievable even most of them questions about Hypnosis reality.

But in reality, the process to induce hypnotic trance is so simple and effective that it’s hard for some people to believe.

The Hypnosis methods which we are going to discuss are scientifically proven, apart from people’s belief of hypnosis dangerous side effects and will try to reveal the science of hypnosis.

In this article, we will teach a couple of simple induction techniques to induce a successful deep trance state.

Tip: For start-ups don’t try these techniques on your friends and family as they will judge you as non-hypnotist

Method 1: Falling Backward Hypnotic Induction Method

Hypnosis pose man standing straight

Ask the person to stand on floor with their hands sideways down and feet joined together

Or you can make the method more effective by

Tell them to put their hands hold together against their chest. In this position, they are more likely to fall backwards quickly.

Place yourself right to them with your one-foot supporting person’s heels.

Place your middle finger right at the centre of person’s forehead just above the line crossing the nose.

Tell the person to tilt head backwards while your hand supporting them from the back

Tell them to close the eyes and breathe deeply

Hold them in the same position for a few seconds.

At this time they will be feeling a little dizzy and on a way to enter a hypnotic state.

Now when you are confirmed that they are in a state knock them at the back with your hand, this act will misbalance them adding an extra layer to the trance state.

Advice: You must revise the whole verbal and non-verbal process twice or thrice in your mind to make the process clearer.

Your lines would be like

  1. Sir (/Madam) please come and stand here with your feet together.
  2. Put your hands down or place them against your chest.
  3. Slightly tilt your head backwards and close your eyes.
  4. Relax and take deep breaths.
  5. Hold your breaths for a while and excel.
  6. Now I am goanna count from 3 to 1 and on 1 I will say sleep and you will be like falling backwards but don’t worry you won’t fall.
  7. You will get yourself in a deeply relaxed state.

Method 2: Falling Forward Hypnotic Induction Method

This method is similar to falling backwards induction method except the fact that you will fall backwards.

If followed correctly, after achieving the hypnotised the person will just fall forwards into your arms.

Tell the person to stand with their hands down and look in front.

Stand straight and rigid in front of a person with a direct look in the person eyes.

Tell them to stare into your eyes all the time.

Your lines would just the same as of falling backwards induction method.

Next induction method is more interesting and will help to reveal the science of hypnosis.

Method 3: Floating Arm Hypnotic Induction Method

Chair Hypnosis Method

For this method

Tell the subject to sit in a chair with their hands on their lap and feet together.

Tell them to close their eyes tightly.

In this Hypnosis method, we will ask the person to lift up their middle finger of hand as a suggestion and freely give them a way to lift up their hand and arm.

The movement of the arm will then torque to their face and touches the nose and will fall back again to their lap inducing a deeply relaxed state.

The self-movement of the arm on the suggestion to move finger is an easy example which answers the question is hypnosis real induction. We will later discuss the exact scripts and phrases used by hypnotists.

Your lines would be like

  1. Feel relaxed and take deep breaths
  2. You are getting relaxed with every breath you are taking with every word you hear.
  3. You are getting relaxed, you are feeling better
  4. The better you feel the deeper you go.
  5. Ignore your surrounding noises and just focus on your right hand’s middle finger.
  6. Feel like your finger is lighter
  7. Feel like a helium balloon is tied to your finger and your finger is getting lighter.
  8. Your finger is getting lighter with every breath you take, with every word you hear.
  9. Now image the balloon tied to your hand is going up, lifting your finger.
  10. Your hand is becoming lighter and floating in the air with the balloon.
  11. Now feel like your hand is approaching near to your face.
  12. Notice your hand is gonna touch your nose.
  13. And as soon as your hand touches your nose the helium balloon will pop up in the air.
  14. Your finger is no longer attached to the balloon.
  15. Your hand is becoming as heavy as lead and will fall back to your lap.
  16. As their hand fall back to their lap this would be your clue that they are now in a trance state.

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