Milton Erickson Conversational Hypnosis Techniques


Here’s something I learned about Milton Erickson hypnosis techniques. It is slightly different from the traditional hypnosis approach.

It is more of a permissive style of hypnosis. Meaning, the person to be hypnotized actually gave him permission to do so. That is ultimate level of rapport with another person.

Gain Rapport With The Unconscious Mind

During the early years, Milton Erickson found that certain language patterns would gain him rapport with his client’s Unconscious Mind, without the need for more authoritarian techniques of hypnosis.

Traditional hypnosis techniques began by saying, “Uncross your legs, put your feet on the floor, relax your shoulder, and take a deep breath, and close your eyes”. That is a more direct or authoritarian approach.

Erickson approach was pretty revolutionary during his time. The method he developed is completely different approach from the mainstream hypnosis techniques. During a hypnosis session, he would not begin with a specific trance induction, but rather he will just start a simple conversation.

During the conversation, he would then seamlessly shift into a discussion with the other person’s Subconscious Mind without him even realizing it.

To do this, Erickson will talk in such a way to get the other person to construct pictures, feelings, sound etc of what he was talking about. He might say, for example “I wonder, as you sit here listening to the sound of my voice, can you experience being more relaxed…now”.

It’s pretty amazing actually. As I was writing this, I can feel a relaxing sensation radiating from my body.

Creating Doubt To Cause Trance

The key to Milton Erickson’s conversational hypnosis techniques is that ambiguity in any representational system causes trance. As you begin to think about Ericksonian hypnosis, and how to induce a trance on another person, ambiguity is the first and most important tool.

How can we use Milton Erickson’s conversational hypnosis technique on our daily life? If you are used to using language as precisely as possible, intentional ambiguity or try to create doubt may seem strange to your Subconscious Mind.

The Milton hypnosis model studies the curiosity of the Unconscious Mind and open a direct channel to communicate with the unconscious part of the mind. Those that study the amazing art of Ericksonian hypnosis techniques have the ability to achieve greater results from their communication skills.

Do you want to learn more about Milton Erickson’s hypnosis method? If you do, check out The Power of Conversational Hypnosis pdf. This online learning program is taught by Igor Ledochowski, one of the prominent students of the late Milton Erickson.