Can Hypnosis be used for Mind Control?


The subject of hypnosis has been under the realm of mystery from times immemorial. From believing that it’s a kind of magic that can make a person act purely at the dictates of the other, as if under a spell, to thinking that it can be used to compel someone to start behaving like some other animal species. All these ideas overwhelmingly surround hypnotism!

It may interest you that there is something like conversational hypnosis and whether there could be any practical use for it. Conversational hypnosis is very often referred to as covert hypnosis. We often loosely say a person to be in a trance if he/she seems oblivious to what all is happening around.

A well-known psychotherapist by the name Dr Milton Erickson experimented with a lot of subjects and came out with the view that human beings keep going into a state of trance a number of times each day in the natural course.

He established that by consciously placing an individual in an atmosphere that was a mixture of confused, well timed and rhythmic environs, he could easily make the individual slide into a hypnotic spell.

Conversational or covert hypnosis is induced by employing a three stage method. First, you have to make the subject feel comfortable with you. Making the subject sub-consciously intent to listen to you is the goal of this step.

For the next, the hypnotist needs a bit of experience to weave a web of confusion within the gamut of easy conversation. Taking the conversation in a tangentially opposite direction and hovering back and forth has to be cleverly employed for this smoky atmosphere to develop.

The whole idea of this stage is to keep the subject within the arena of trust in what you say and still make her/him drift into a state of confusion that his/her inner self wants to be resolved. The subject now is mentally pliable.

The third stage is the one in which you as the hypnotist quite consciously plant your intended suggestion. Subtlety is of the essence here; the moment your suggestion sounds overt or direct, you may lose the purpose to be achieved.

Conversational hypnosis remains very much in the form of an easy flowing talk and yet a well-planned suggestion needs to be planted at a comparatively more opportune moment without it becoming too obvious. Also, it has to be kept in mind that covert hypnosis may not be effective on certain individuals.

The conversational system of hypnosis does need both experience and practice in some of the steps involved in its method. It has to be kept in mind that the responses to the built up scenario may vastly differ for different individuals.

To be effective, therefore, you have first to develop an ability to judge the subject’s individual propensity in a created environment.

Of course, being devoid of any paraphernalia, this kind of hypnosis mind control may have a lot of advantages compared to the more formal types; the ease of using this particular technique may also suit a greater variety of day to day situations.

A good many books and paperbacks are available in the market to gain a good hold on the tricks that really work.