Mind Reading Techniques - Judge Someone’s Intentions


Simple Mind Reading Techniques

Mind reading techniques can be of a lot of help if you want to judge someone’s intentions. For a few it’s a natural gift to read minds. Others can do it with some research and a lot of practice. Key point in mind reading techniques is observation. You have to be a keen observer. Read on the full article to learn what exactly you need to observe in people to read their minds.

To excel in mind reading techniques, you have to observe eyes of a person carefully. Eyes say it all. Eyes express what a person is feeling. For example, if a person is lying to you, he would never look in your eye. A liar will never make a direct eye contact. So if a person is not looking in your eyes during a conversation, he is lying for sure. If a man’s eyes widen on the sight of a beautiful woman, it obvious that he is attracted towards her. But eyes not always expand due to attraction. Widening of eyes can also be a symbol of fear or shock. So this observation varies from person to person. Movement of eyes during a conversation can also tell what a person is thinking. If eyes move towards left it suggests that the person is recollecting something he has heard before. A fleeting look to their right tells that he is trying to make something up. Having a quick look in upward direction usually implies that the individual is stimulating the visual centers of the nervous system. Downward glimpse signifies that a person is trying to make up a touching sentiment. Thus observing eyes of a person is one of the most important mind reading techniques.

Another crucial object to scrutinize is the body language of the person. Body language can tell what a person is feeling at that moment. If arms of an individual are crossed, it means he is snubbed by something you said. He is angry with your words. Sagged shoulders and sluggish stance signify sadness. Every person has its own body language for each situation. Some people continuously move their feet if they are in a rush. Licking lips, playing with hair and rubbing head or nose are some of the gestures of some people during various situations. If you are observing someone you need to know moves of that person in various situations. As I said, scrutiny is the key point in mind reading techniques. Poker players want to master in mind reading techniques to judge the other player, an imperative factor in that game.

Another module of mind reading techniques is to study tone of voice and dialogue of a person. When someone is in a rush, he tries to wind up the conversation by leaving sentences incomplete or not hearing properly. This is true for most of the people. When someone is lying, it can easily be judged. Ask the question again and again, the liar will get annoyed easily and will say the truth. Every liar is guilty. Due to guilt, the liar has its own ways of getting trapped. Liar will answer your question in a jiffy and with an explanation which an innocent person will not give. Monitoring voice modulation can also be important mind reading techniques.

It’s important for everyone to know a little about mind reading techniques as it has become imperative nowadays. Whether it’s for pleasure or business, if you know what the other person is thinking, you can deal accordingly. People who are like closed books can be opened if you mind reading techniques.