Mind Reading - Tricks of Derren Brown the Master Illusionist


Mind reading is not necessarily done just by hypnotists or illusionists. All of us do mind reading on a daily basis, without even realising it. You know exactly what your partner is going to say after a hard day at work, just by a quick glance at her facial expressions. You know from a co-worker’s body language that all is not well with her, and will have guessed the reasons as well.

We all do such mind reading – we have to. If you are completely oblivious to the feelings of others, you’ll probably be in a lot of trouble with them. You may call it intuition or a power of observation, but we all have it.

When you learn hypnosis, you learn to refine your intuition or observation and make it all the more effective. Some, like the British master hypnotist and illusionist, Derren Brown, have perfected it.

How Derren Brown the Master Illusionist Does Mind Reading…

Derren Brown is one of the smartest persons in the world besides being real, really good at what he does. He is pure dynamite on stage and many of his tricks leave the audience completely dumbstruck.

But Brown has never claimed to have psychic powers, and, as a matter of fact, has nothing but disdain for those who claim to have them. He has revealed many of his tricks himself.

Brown is one of the best in the world at using covert hypnosis techniques such as cold reading. He uses the power of suggestion and sends a plenty of subliminal messages during his performances. Often, he actually gets the subject to actually think what he wants them to think, by subtly influencing them using several tricks.

Derren Brown is also believed to use micro muscle reading, which means, he uses the involuntary throat and mouth movements made by a subject when reading a letter, which allows him to make a very good guess about what they are reading.

Brown is helped by his tremendous powers of observation and deduction. Such as deducing what a person does for a living or whether they have a dog at home, and even the dog breed, just by looking at their hands. This isn’t much different from the techniques used by Sherlock Holmes, the master detective himself. So, that’s how Derren Brown does mind reading. How does someone like you who probably wishes to learn hypnosis do it? We tell you how.

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  • Read the Eyes to Read the Mind…

    As a hypnotist, you should directly look into a subject’s eyes. There is a lot you can learn about a person by reading their eyes, or what is known as “eye cues” in hypnosis. The eyes reveal a lot about what a person is thinking, how they are going to react to you or to a particular question from you.

    In particular, pay attention to the area around the eyes, as well as the movements of the eyes, as they are very expressive and revealing. The first step in mind reading is reading the thoughts and emotions of a person from their eyes. Once you have got this right, you are well on your way to being a mind reader.

    Learn Body Language To Read Minds…

    All of us learn reading the body language of our parents, siblings or teachers from a very young age. That’s what gets us through childhood. But you do this – reading body language without being aware of it.

    When you learn hypnosis, you will study your subject’s body language consciously and methodically. This is a skill which you will hone with practice. You will learn reading facial expressions, body gestures, hand movements, shoulder movements, the way they dress and so on whatever that can give you an edge. This helps you determine how a person would react to you or to a situation which they find themselves in.

    Practice Makes Perfect!

    Mind reading is something you pick up with practice. You should practice it with your friends and family, as well as with complete strangers. It’s not really that easy to look directly into someone’s eyes all the time – this is something you will need to practice. Also, consciously try to predict which way a person may or may not react to a situation. Work on your power of observation.

    Always make a conscious effort to study the people around you, observe their breathing and the look in their eyes. Talk to them, find out if your deductions about what they were thinking were right or not.

    Mind reading is a lot of fun. Hope you liked this article, and if you’re looking to learn hypnosis, do look around, as you’ll find a lot of interesting stuff here.