Mirroring and Matching - A Solid Covert Hypnosis Technique


In this article, I want to write about a hypnosis technique known as mirroring and matching and how you can use this concept to your advantage in any social situation.

How to do Mirroring and Matching?

So how do you do mirroring and matching?

This is a covert hypnosis solid technique that you can use anytime and anywhere. This technique is very helpful because it goes under the radar.

But here’s the fact, many people these days know how to do mirroring and matching. This technique has been taught by many sales organisations and it has been caught on by the general public.

As a result, if you attempt to do basic mirroring on someone, it may not work so well.

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Why Basic Mirroring and Matching Will Fail

Why is this so?

Here’s an example to illustrate the point. If a person reaches to scratch the back of his head and you also reach to scratch the back of your head to mirror him, he could possibly catch on.

If anyone been to a seminar on mirroring, they are going to know what you are trying to do! They’ll know you are trying to establish a rapport with them.

So many people have been trained to do matching and mirroring and that has caused it to kind of lost some of its effect.

If you are attempting to do basic mirroring and matching with someone, realise that the other person maybe as skilled as you are and they may know exactly what you are doing.

Step Beyond Basic Mirroring and Matching

So how do we overcome this challenge?

Let’s try a more subtle technique instead. This technique is very powerful because you are establishing rapport but not on the same level as you normally would. This technique is going to take you one step beyond.

Try this…imaging yourself in a bar and you are standing there. One of the fascinating thing about an environment such as this, where there is loud music and lots of people talking, a lot of the words that you would normally use to have control or influence on other will not work because it is so loud they can’t even hear you.

You are focusing on a technique you are trying to use and the other person is not really hearing what you are saying.

If you are trying to use covert conversational hypnosis approach, it probably won’t work effectively.

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Mirroring and Matching techniques are very useful in building rapaport.

These techniques can work even in noicy areas such as club or bar where conversational Hypnosis often fails