Negative effects of Technology on Human Health


From last few Year Use of New Technology is growing up very fast. If we compare human health according to an old age peoples we would find today’s human very weak, dull and lazy. Well technology have some advantages and some disadvantages, it’s on people that by which way they use it. Either they uses for benefits or use it on wrong way. There are clearly comparison between Asian countries and European countries, the right use of it bring the Nation from bottom to top. Well if we look at Asians countries they are stand at same place, it’s all because of wrong use. The biggest effects we can see on Human Health, which is very badly affected by the wrong use of it. In this article we will discuss major wrong uses or simply we can say disadvantages of Technology on Human Health.

1. Auto/Vehicle Effects on Human Health

Motorbike, Car, Buses, Train and Trucks and other vehicle like this are created for the use of Human. But if we use it on wrong way, it may cause of an accident and in result we found many peoples dead. On other way they produce (Carbon-Di-oxide). That gas also produce some germs by which people becomes ill.

2. Atomic Bomb / Nuclear Bomb

Peoples become the patient of dip-ration due to Atomic bomb. Because the scariness of a Nuclear Bomb change the whole mind of people. Everybody always think that in result of any war opposite country would be use this bomb and he/she and his/her whole family would be dead. This is reality in result of atomic bomb blast people would be dead in lacks. An eye opening example of Japan we can see.

3. Invention of Machines

Machines are play vital role to bring human lazy and dull. In modern countries all the factories and companies have machine for every work, one side these machines makes human life easy and reliable because of these machines people becomes dull and lazy.

4. Wrong Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phone device is use for connectivity and created for to gain benefits, but the more use of mobiles can harmful for our hands. According to new research more use of mobile can be cause of “Skin Cancer”. Sometimes the blast of mobile phones can damage your face or your head during the call. So it is highly requested to all peoples that always use the good quality mobile phones.

5. Internet Effects on Human Health

Everybody know that due to internet, world becomes global village. But now todays mostly world use the internet on wrong ways, which is highly effects on people health. Due to internet people are becoming the patients of many diseases. Children are play high quality games on internet, watching high resolution movies and cartoon, these graphics directly effects on people eyes. And I think that is one of the biggest Negative effects of Internet and technology. Same like mobile and tablets, Laptop and computer also can effects your body skin.

6. Sexual Behavior

One of the greatest effect for young and married people. Some wrong use of technology can badly effect on married life of people. Due to adult movies, people’s sexual demands are same like movies and want to try these at homes, due to these method they use medicines and some other illegal ways which can effect directly on Human Sexual Health. And sometimes it become the cause among husband and wife.

7. Distance Sports Activities

Using of social media among the peoples are very common now todays, but this is the worst disadvantage of technology on human health. Because of it every young and children, guys and girls even old peoples are very far from sports activates. Participation in Sports activities keep Human body healthy and strong. Distance form sports activities make you live like “Robot” so always try to participate in sports activities to live like healthy and strong.

8. Other Hobbies

There was a time when we were child in age of eight year or ten years we saw our elders that they were found of gardening, planting, fish farming, keeping little cats and puppies and also that type of other hundreds of hobbies they adopt. But after becoming of revolution of technology like mobile, video games, internet, social media and other technology, all the peoples who were found of these hobbies are busy in their uses of these things. These hobbies keep the mind fresh and always keep you active.

9. Wrong use of Weapons

Knives and guns are made for the use and for the safety of human. But some people use these thing for criminal activities, and sometimes these activities are very cruel and take the life of Human.

Bonus Tip

These all thing which is related to technology are made for right use of technology. This is on people that how they use these thing, either they use in right way or wrong way. So this is highly request to you that use it for your goodness and get benefits from these all things. Because life is very little and Health is Wealth. Take care of your health, if you have any question any suggestion or any opinion about this topic don’t hesitate to contact us, because we know your writing is valuable for us. Keep smile and keep others happy 

Author bio: Shoaib Raza works on Blogging, Wordpress, SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, love to traveling, making new friends, find new places and the owner of website.