Organised Multiple Stories in Covert Hypnosis


Stories are one of the most powerful tools used in covert hypnosis. Covert hypnosis actually depends a lot on stories. Stories have the ability to capture the imagination and attention of the listener. They can make the listener absorbed and have an emotional influence on the subject.

Covert hypnosis is all about persuasion. The subject is persuaded to do things without his knowledge. Stories are effective in persuasion in disguise. The listener of a story may not be able to identify the characters, themes, morality or outcome of the story. But the unconscious mind will be able to grasp the message hidden in the story. This is what covert hypnosis also needs. The message needs to be conveyed to the unconscious mind without the knowledge of the conscious mind.

The objective of organised multiple stories in covert hypnosis are

•To distract and confuse the conscious mind.

•To plant the suggestions in the unconscious mind secretly.

The best way to organise a story is to have a standard set of three stories for each message to be transferred. The stories have to be memorised and you should be able to produce it at any time. The basic steps to organizing the method of story telling can be done as given below.

The stories can be from your personal experience, an experience of a friend or fictions. Choose a key word from each story.

Identify the highlights of the story.

Write down the key words and highlights of the story on a piece of paper and keep in reach to ignite the memory when needed.

Select a series of transition phrases that will enable you to switch from one story to another.

The telling of story has a definite purpose and we always expect a result from it. This is what the hypnotist wants from the subject and is called outcome.

Represent the outcome that you want in positive terms. To convey the message to the subject during story telling you will have to disguise it. This is called encryption of the message. The subject will be forced to obey the message due to the impact the organized multiple stories in his subconscious mind.

Now we have a story and its structure for telling it in an organized manner. Start telling the first story, shift to the next when you reach the transition phrase and continue the process until the subject is confused or the message is planted in his mind.

The tone of your voice is also important; it should be soft and soothing. The story is structured to covey an indirect message to the subconscious mind. So a feeling of reality should be followed in story telling.