Perception and who controls it.


Hello, today I want to pose a question that we all need to ask ourselves. It is, what or who decides how we see and how we hear the things we see and hear? It does sound a bit confusing does it not? Well, if you try to think about how we perceive our surroundings then the question makes perfect sense. The way we perceive and or understand things is based solely on our own level of knowledge. It is what we understand and what we think we know as truth that shapes how we see things and what we hear.

This all goes back to another article about words that control our thoughts. If you watch television, I am sure you see commercials that tell us how we should dress, smell, and act in order for the opposite sex to be attracted to us. These commercials are trying to shape our realities. It is how they manifest business and then turn it into profit for the companies that are selling these ideas. Now, this blog is about manifestation through thought. My point is, that by drawing your attention to how we are bombarded, on a daily basis, with images and sounds on how we are suppose to act, dress, feel, and what we are supposed to believe, then it is with these same techniques that we can change ourselves and get what it is we wish.

Thus our own perceptions and how we come about them come into question. This is of course you, the reader have any interest in learning how to manifest what you wish through manipulating the way you think. In doing so you will transform the way you perceive the world around you and awaken to a whole new reality. A long time ago I happen to read a book by a gentlemen named Aldous Huxley, titled "The Doors of Perception." Factually this book was about him under the influence of a hallucinogen and the affects it had on how he understood his immediate surroundings.

Naturally, we must assume it does not take one to ingest a drug to alter ones consciousness. Surely, there is a way to do so. It is through meditation and concentration of thought. As you will come to realize, the way and the reason why, we make certain observations about what we come to understand i.e. our perceptions of the world, stems from our belief systems. It is what our parents and teachers have told us what is true. This information is handed down through generation after generation after generation.

Certain things become so ingrained into our minds that there can be no other way to understand things apart from the model that we are given. There is no logical reason for some of the things we are told to believe as truth other than to just blindly accept them. Is this faith? or is it just assumed authorities controlling our every move? The answer to this is up to you, the reader. Nevertheless, in order to get what we wish we need to analyze what it is we think we want and determine if in fact this"want" is either a true need or goal, or is it in fact, a false need or goal.

This latter point is not the easiest to arrive at. This is where meditation, as a tool, is very helpful in determining our true wants and needs. There are many factors that can determine our wants, such as things we are lead to believe we should want and things that we believe we should have or desire to have. The question then becomes are these things objects of our own true desires or are they implants from an outside source. When we can conclusively, and objectively state that our wants are truly from our own thoughts and desires then we are on the true path to attainment.

Now, instinctively most would want to assume that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are where they want to be on their life. I ask you this, "Are you really?" All that really matters here is the fact that you think you are where you are because you want to be there. However, using meditation as a tool to find out your own true nature will help you find the truth about yourself and how you arrived at this point in your life. The phrase, "You are here today where your thoughts have brought you. Tomorrow you will be where your thoughts take you," is a very strong statement when thought upon.

The idea behind it is to reflect on how you have reached the particular point in your life and to analyze the thoughts that caused your arrival. Then upon the awakening of this path from the depths of your subconscious mind you may then use the same criteria to reach a new place. Unless you have determined a flaw is present, then it is time to change the way you think. As you begin to change the way you think you can not help but notice a change in your perception. Naturally, I would like to have you discover the way you change your thought patterns is to take a look at how you choose to react to those around you.

A big part of changing ourselves starts with becoming aware of our emotions and by listening to what we actually hear. Because, when this happens, you will begin to understand that voice that we all have inside of us that tells us how to react to our surroundings and others. The insight here is to manipulate ourselves into a position of self control thus gaining control over every aspect of ourselves. As you open up this new doorway of perception your intentions turn into actions that will eventually manifest into the reality that you strive for. The voice I mentioned above comes from our thoughts and beliefs and it either gives us positive feedback or negative feedback. The trick is to determine which is which and is either one true to its assumed nature. Do you believe that positive feedback is actually that or do you belief this only because you were lead to believe so. I will leave you with these aforementioned thoughts to ponder upon. Until next time.....