Persuasion Methods To Handle People


Influencing and convincing people it’s the core goal to achieve when using persuasion skills. There are ways to manage general situations with the people you are talking, as well that there are persuasion techniques to handle people and be effective to influence them.

Let’s check it out some ways to handle people.

Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.

Criticizing someone itsn’t the best way to persuade him, in fact your persuasion skills will get worst if you just learn to criticize other people. When you criticize, condemn or complain about something you are focusing in the negative things of whom or what you are condemning. If it is in people, then you are destroying rapport instead of building it because they are taking a defensive position against you and that will result in the dead of your persuasion efforts.

Give honest and sincere appreciation.

The best way to receive something back it’s by giving some of the same value to others. This also apply for giving true appreciation. If you give your prospect an honest positive appreciation about themselves they’ll automatically appreciate you back, and in that way you will enhance your persuasion skills and efforts with him because he can feel a connection, and in a more easy way he will do as you want him to do.

Arouse in the other person an eager want.

An eager want it is to have the desire to do something or to have something. There are very effective persuasive ways to motivate people to eagerly do something. Offering something that it’s almost irresistible (like 50% discount) to your client or prospect it’s maybe the most common persuasive method to make him buy.

But to create an eager want you have to influence and make him aware of the need of what you’re offering even to the level of motivating him to think that this is a must and he can’t leave without your service or product.