Positive Changes Hypnosis - Prevent Yourself With Getting ill in the Future


Many individuals discover extremely positive changes during hypnosis. Hypnosis can be defined as being when a person goes into a trance like state, by using relaxation techniques, which brings them to a state of being highly sensitive to new things and extremely vulnerable. Hypnosis can be extremely positive and people to experience positive changes hypnosis, are the people going through addictions and issues that are drilled into them from a very young age.

People from all walks of life can experience positive changes hypnosis, and they do not even have to have a problem to seek a hypnotherapist’s advice. Hypnosis is not only used to help people with problems, but it can be used to help individuals relax. By relaxing, a person can prevent themselves with getting ill in the future. Stress and anxiety are the two biggest killers in the world as it is these that cause the horrific diseases across the globe.

Positive changes hypnosis can be amazing if you know what you want to be hypnotised for. People who do not really know what is causing their problems should go and seek help from a hypnotherapist, as they can help you get in touch with your inner feelings and help you recognise what it is that is causing your issues.

I discovered positive changes hypnosis when I was trying to lose weight. I found that I had a serious addiction to food. When I go to eat, I found that if I ate then I would stuff my mouth until I was physically sick due to the huge amount of food that I had stuffed into my mouth. If I did not eat, then I wouldn’t stuff my mouth, however I was starving and tend to put on more weight as the little amounts that I did each just stuck onto my body as my body’s survival instinct. I was desperate to lose weight however, I needed to train my body into eating properly again. I went to a hypnotherapist who I have heard of through family members, and the first thing he did was to relax me. He gave me cd’s to listen to in my free time and to help me when drifting off to sleep. By using these cd’s I was almost tricking my body into self-hypnosis.

After a few sessions, I found that my relationship with food was beginning to fix itself. I did not feel as much of a need to stuff my mouth with food and the vomiting began to disappear. By eating myself stupid I was comforting myself, then once I realised what I had done, my body then tricked itself to purge what I had just eaten, bringing me back to square one and dying of starvation, however still remaining extremely over weight.  After visiting the hypnotherapist eight times, my body had fixed itself and my relationship with food was much better. I began to feel the positive changes hypnosis kicking in and giving me a new lease of life. Eating until vomiting did not only affect my home life but it meant that I couldn’t even go out to eat for fear that I couldn’t control myself and throw up in the restaurant. It was when I realised that I felt comfortable enough to go out and eat, vomiting was no longer an issue, and I would come home feeling marginally full but content, was when I realised the positive changes that I went through when using hypnosis.

I would recommend positive changes hypnosis as it saved me, so it can save you too.