Post Hypnotic Instructions - Classical Conditioning


Post hypnosis instructions are used to take advantage from a response of the subject to a stimulus. This is actually called classical conditioning by which stimulus responses are utilised to perform covert hypnosis.

The characteristics of stimulus-response can be classified basically into three

1.Stimulus-response triggers happen at any time.

2.Stimulus-response triggers can be setup and initiated secretly.

3.The conscious mind will be unaware of stimulus-response links.

The expression of the face, gesture, tone of voice or whatever movement you make, all have the possibility of generating response triggers in others. Have you noticed the presence of someone can boost your mood positively? There are also occasions when the presence of the person you dislike will haunt your mind creating a negative impact. There may be many reasons behind it like their personality, the way of talking, character or he may be your role model.

This is called stimulus-response conditioning. We can create positive stimulus purpose conditioning in a person deliberately. Secretly performing stimulus-response link is called PHI in covert hypnosis. PHI has the ability to induce the response from others. This involves two steps setting a stimulus to draw the attention of the subject and trigger the wanted suggestion to subject at the appropriate time.

This is what actually advertisers also do. They will draw your attention using scenes that are capable of inducing powerful desires in your mind. This makes you deeply absorbed in the commercial, which means that you are getting the emotional response from them. Then the product is shown. This is actually the setting up and showing the product is the trigger for PHI.

This process is repeated several times on the TV or movies you are watching and gets programmed in your mind. Next time when you see the product or its picture while you are shopping the trigger is fired and linked to the emotional state setup already. Automatically you will feel to buy that product. You have really not planned to buy it or have any specific purpose for buying it but the set up of the PHI have done the job. PHIs can be effectively done in two different ways.

Utilise stimulus-response link already present in the subject:

The stimulus response of the subject has to be closely studied. Identify the stimulus that set them off both positively and negatively. Some of the triggers can be duplicated. The simple mentioning of those words will give results. Look for those triggers that you can easily reproduce.

Develop a stimulus response and link it your message:

To identify the stimulus you can use questions like,

“Can you imagine a time when you felt …………… ?”

If they respond positively you can get more specific details about that time using questions. Then move more into the details and make the situation reappear in their mind. Once they are deeply in it trigger your message.

Exercise to Master PHI

  1. Make your subject talk about the situation when they were most happy. Ask questions on why they made that decision and experiences so that the picture comes in their mind quite clearly.
  2. Hold your ear for five seconds. Set up your PHI trigger.
  3. Divert the conversation so that the client can think about what you suggested.
  4. Hold your ear for five seconds. Set off the PHI.
  5. Repeat the PHI trigger several times if needed.