Practising Conversation to be successful in Covert Hypnosis


Conversation to be successful requires the perfection in three important steps.

In this session, we will go through some examples and exercises to practice the art of conversation. You will be also given essential tips to build up the skill for conversation and to make it perfect.

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Preparation for Conversation

The preparation steps require developing questions and statements for opening a conversation and dragging the subject throughout the conversation process. Preparation of a script with all possible questions and statements and rehearsing it will be a better option for developing this skill.

You can begin a conversation by complimenting the dress materials, car, pen, electronic accessories or anything attractive about the subject to begin the conversation.

For example questions like.

“The cellular phone (or some item) looks great; may I ask where you got it?”

“Oh, what weather, how can you manage it”.

(Comments on weather is an excellent icebreaker)

“I think you are very familiar to me, can you tell me where you are from”

This question can be used to initiate a series of questions like school studied, places where lived, organisation etc.

Sometimes you may the get negative response from the subject. But as you continue practicing you will get more questions and opportunity to ask. If you are an introverted person you will have to practice talking to others even if they are strangers to overcome it. It is not only good for learning hypnosis; it will improve your personality and self-confidence. Never gets disheartened if your initial attempts fail, you will be a master of conversation soon.

Initiating Conversation

The usage of compliments, chit chat and questions are adequate to initiate a conversation. Majority of people are interested in it and will respond positively. Another method is self disclosure, by which you will give a tip of your personality to get the trust and attention of the subject.

For example,

“Oh, I am fed up with this week, happy it is over”. Then briefly tell how it was difficult and explain that the reason was some general problems like, economic condition, weather, strike etc.

Another way of self-disclosure,

“Can you imagine how fast time is flying, It seems like yesterday was the last New Year (or Christmas)”

Most people will catch this bait and explain that they where also experiencing the same or may suggest points to oppose you. Once you have struck the right spot just give up your side of explanation. Allow the subject to talk. Use occasional questions and statements to drag him back if he diverts. This will be more easy and interesting as you practice more.

Motivating Conversation

They key to a successful conversation in covert hypnosis is to keep the subject talking about himself. For this, you have to develop better attending skills. Simply giving a “Yea, yea” or a blank stare will not keep the subject talking.

Let us go through some tips that will help you to be a good listener.

  1. Always have a nice smile on your face. A sincere smile will generate positive feeling in the minds of other people.
  2. Try to maintain a smooth eye contact.
  3. Nod your head occasionally to convey the subject non-verbally that you are listening.
  4. Use phrases like “I see” or “Really” to show your interest and ask them to explain what they are saying.
  5. Raise your eyebrows to show that you are interested in something they say.

Exercises for mastering conversation:

  1. Memorise the three conversation opening questions.
  2. Memorise the five tips to be a good listener.
  3. Practice attending skill daily for 15 times.
  4. Try to begin the conversation with someone 10 times daily.