7 Pregnancy Exercises for Moms to Be


Motherhood will have to be one of the most special moments in any woman’s life. From the time that you learned that you conceived, to the time when you feel your baby move inside you, and when you hear your baby scream for the first time after delivery — that is what miracle is, and you will soon be holding that miracle in your arms.

Moms With A Fit Body

"I'm, you know, breastfeeding. I've always heard it. It really does help to shrink your uterus back to normal size. It does! I know it's a really weird thing to say, but it does. It's the best,” Eva Mendes once shared. Other than breastfeeding there are 7 pregnancy exercises that you can do right now — yes, while you are pregnant — so that you can afford to take it easy on the flat tummy exercises after delivery.

For the moms-to-be who want to be all there is to being a woman: gorgeous, beautiful and very pregnant, here are some exercises to keep you fit and healthy throughout the rest of your pregnancy:

  1. Walking and floating in water. When you have regular access to a swimming pool, take a dip. It will not only relieve you of the heat and sweaty body that comes with the significant hormonal changes happening inside you but also, give you a nice workout and you won’t even notice that you are exercising.
    Simply walking around the pool will earn you additional resistance, strength and stamina. That’s because you are doubling your effort to lift your legs each time compared to when you are normally walking on a paved floor. Float and move your arms around too. It will help relax your body and your baby will love the wavy movements.
  2. Stretch your arms. Forward, overhead, sides then, down. Do this repeatedly for about three sets. Next, lock your fingers as you stretch your arms in front of you. Count 1 to 8 then, put it down. Do the same technique as you bring your arms to your back. Lift your head and neck as far back as you can. Alternate thrice. Next, push down your left arm to your back as you hold your left elbow. Do the same with your right arm.
  3. Hip bend. You need to loosen up those hip joints too, most especially when your baby’s weight starts to press on your body. Using a sturdy chair for support, bend your hip forward, palms down against the bench as you keep your elbows straight. Count until 8 before you straighten your back once again. Next, hands on your waist as you bend your hip forward. Then, bend your hips sideways raising your opposite hand over your head when you do. Do these routines alternately until you complete three sets.
  4. Keep walking. Briskly going about your walk whenever you can, you can keep performing this as one of the flat tummy exercises after delivery. Brisk walking will push up your heart rate to improve your breathing and circulation, while also reducing the probability of water retention that is guaranteed to add density to your weight and inches to your figure.
  5. Standing side leg lifts. Using a railing or table for support, hold with the left side of your body against it. Set your palms down to grip on the rail. Bring up your right leg sideways slowly as you feel the tension on your leg muscles. Bring down in a similar fashion but, don’t let your feet touch the floor just yet. Lift up your leg again. Do this repeatedly for 8 counts then switch.
  6. Dumbbell weight training. Using a pair of dumbbells with weights that you find comfortable to lift, do simple weight training exercise, including kickback, rotating shoulder press, lunges, bicep curls, and bench rows.
  7. Wall push up. Maintain good arm support for your fast gaining weight by doing wall pushups. Simply stand against the wall. With your palms pressed against the wall, arms and elbows straight, shift your weight against the wall so that your body and legs are slanted. Keep your knees straight and your feet flat against the floor. Slowly bend your elbows to feel the tension on your arm muscles. Then, push to straighten your elbows once again. Do this for at least 8 counts and 3 sets.

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      You must be excited to see that baby. Make sure that you are in good shape when you do so that you can play all the games that can be played when that little one comes.

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