Quit Smoking with Hypnosis - Conventional Methods


Smoking cigarettes are terrible for your health. This nasty habit has been linked to lung cancer amongst other serious ailments.

Have you ever seen that commercial with some guy talking through a machine because his throat along with his vocal chords was destroyed by cancer and had to be excised?

So, why is it so difficult to quit smoking? The problem lies deep within your subconscious.

Over the years, you have created a pattern or habit that has reinforced this self-destructive path.

Patches, nicotine gum and other conventional methods are basically alternatives to smoking, which does not release you from the addiction but simply transfers the addiction.

There is a distinct difference between smokers who have stopped smoking and those who have transformed themselves into non-smokers.

Non-smokers no longer have the cravings associated with cigarettes and thus, have successfully re-trained their brains to live as a non-smoker.

Smokers who have stopped smoking are still smokers by nature and therefore, are susceptible to a relapse – so to speak.

By addressing the subconscious mind, the urge to smoke cigarettes is replaced by the urge not to smoke.

Smoking is a very bad habit that is learned over time and therefore needs to be unlearned. The unlearning process is very difficult for most and this is where most fail at quitting smoking.

This is the point at which hypnosis plays a crucial role in the success of your quest to become a non-smoker.

You’re in Control

The cool thing about using hypnosis to quit smoking is that you quit only when you’re ready to quit.

Some may find that they no longer wish to be a smoker after the first treatment. Others may feel that they need a few extra sessions to get to that point.

This gives you the feeling that you are in control of when you will quit. That feeling of deprivation is no longer present and you will find yourself more willing to quit smoking through hypnosis.

The feeling of deprivation is typically what causes smokers who have temporarily stopped to resume their deathly habit.

We all like to feel in control. It’s innate for us to want control. Children often feel deprived when they can’t have what they want and it drives them to want it more.

These types of behaviours are obviously not conducive for those who wish to quit smoking. That heavy deep-pitted feeling of deprivation can be gently eliminated through hypnosis and therefore greatly increases your chances of becoming a true non-smoker.

Quitting cold turkey can become a reality if you choose to quit smoking through hypnosis.

I’m sure there are a tonne of sceptics out there and I surmise that the big tobacco companies like it that way.

Don’t deprive yourself of the healthy lifestyle that CEOs of these big tobacco companies live. You deserve the same opportunities in life that are afforded to non-smokers.

Live free from cigarettes and quit smoking through hypnosis. Save money and live healthily. If you choose to quit smoking through hypnosis, you will not be disappointed in your investment.