Rapid Hypnosis Induction to Break Through Your Blocks


Rapid hypnosis induction to break through your blocks, whatever those may be, so you can live your best life now.

Mark and I decided to use cinder blocks and smash them on my stomach not as a jackass like a stunt but as a metaphor for breaking through the blocks that hold you back. See, those blocks don’t have to be blocked when you allow yourself to experience a simple shift in perspective.

Because can’t people choose to try something new over blindly following the old routine?

Shouldn’t people aspire to better themselves instead of letting themselves go?

Should YOU aspire to be the best you can be or allow yourself to have excuses for not finding it in yourself?

For a long time, all I had was excuses and I am sure you understand when I say those excuses get you absolutely nowhere. With excuses, I am unable to serve you in the best way you want and need. You expect me to be the absolute best I can become just like I expect the same from you… anything else simply gets complicated and creates disempowered realities.

And wouldn’t you agree we already have too many disempowering realities happening around us every day?

So, Mark and I stand. lay down on the cement… smash through cinder blocks…. for all that is possible for you.

Facilitating the impossible becoming possible whilst living YOUR best life, now.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Look, remove the hypnotist image for a minute and realise I am still a spiritual being having a human existence just like you. Saying “I’m a hypnotist” or any derivation thereof only serves to captivate your attention because I live every day from the paradigm that I am amazing, I create an amazing reality, I know YOU are AMAZING, too, so together, let’s do amazing!

Wait, before you think this is some sort of Tony Robbin’s rah speech (there’s absolutely value in Tony’s work by the way) I want you to reflect on your life for a moment.

Think of a time when things did not go the way you wanted them to (please pick a time that is not so horrible you cry, that’s not the point of this mini activity)

Doesn’t feel so great, does it?

Now, imagine a time in which everything went exactly how you imagined it would go!

Scan your body and find a feeling that encapsulates that experience… got it?

Of course, I obviously don’t know what that feeling is for you because you are you and well, I’m something other than you. What I can share without throwing my fish in your sea is others have represented that feeling as happiness, bliss, empowerment, wonderment, amazement, etc.

I wonder when you will begin to realise that same experience you had with the good experience can also happen with the “bad” experience when you have a simple shift in your perspective.

Can you choose to change just one small thing in your control over just letting things happen the way they always have?

Wouldn’t you want to pinpoint the one thing that would take you and or your business to the next level if you knew if would cost you less than a fraction of the extra freedom, income, relationship enhancement, (whatever your extra is)?

Well, dear reader, that is exactly what hypnosis can do for you… break through your blocks with a simple transaction so you can move through that open door to smurf malicious delicious hypnotic freedom

Stay tuned for even more activities using hypnosis to live your best life, now!

In the meantime…

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… who else wants a rapid hypnosis induction?