Reading Body Language - Picking Messages of the Opposite Sex


Body language is probably the oldest means of communication and yet it often goes unappreciated. We advertently or inadvertently use body language all the time. Sometimes we just do not realise it.

If you walk by in a crowded place and observe people, you will see how much body language is being used around you to send out signals. Body language can be used to send out various signals about how you are feeling. You could send out signals that you are interested, not interested, angry, lonesome, frustrated and so on.

All this can be accomplished by using subtle body language signs. Some people are masters in the fine art of employing body language to their advantage. Others simply have no idea of what body language is all about.

One needs to understand and learn what and how people communicate through body language. This is particularly important when the objective is to draw the attention of the opposite sex.

Your love interest needs to know whether you are interested or not. This has to be communicated in a very subtle way using appropriate body language. If you are interested in the opposite sex then you must make it clear through your body language signs.

You can stare meaningfully with a look of interest in your eyes. Remember your eyes are the window to the mind and they reflect what goes on in your head. Show some love in your eyes and then gently look away with a coy smile. That can hook anyone.

She has to be plain stupid if she does not get that one. Do this a couple of times but do not overdo it. Then have the guts to look longer and smile knowingly.

The object of your desire or shall we say attention should get a clear idea that you are interested in her and that the rest of the world does not hold much interest for you. Use your head and nod a couple of times. Smoothen your hair and straighten your tie while still looking at her.

Gently roll your fingers across your glass like a gentle caress. Lean towards her in a meaningful way while still holding her gaze.

Even a dumb fool should understand that signal. A woman should gently toss her hair back while looking at him and show him that you are interested in him. If you are seated you can cross and uncross your legs while looking at him.

That should make him sweat a little. You can simply flutter your eyelashes gently at him and smile as you do so. If he does not understand this then there is no point in wasting your precious time anymore. He probably is not worth it anyway. Follow him with your eyes. Let him know that you are following his every movement.

This could be a little unnerving but if he has something for you, he will respond immediately like a panting dog.

Body language is an art and those who can master this art are at a distinct advantage. If you not one of these lucky ones then you would be well advised to quickly take up a course in understanding body language.