Is Hypnosis Real - What Makes Fake Hypnosis Shows Look Real


You probably have heard of hypnosis from movies or comic books or may have watched a Hypnotist performing live on a stage show.

You may be wondering what is hypnosis really and questioning to self is hypnosis real, probably because you loved the idea to hypnotise someone and trick them do some stupid things against their will, you want them to do so.

You can find hundreds of stories, movies and TV shows based on hypnotism to entertain people.

This is the main problem with these TV shows they completely misrepresented the theme of hypnosis.

The version of hypnosis which we are taught in movies has nothing to do with the actual hypnosis used to cure people with medical problems.

In short never, miss-interoperate the version of hypnosis shown on movies with real hypnosis.

Is Hypnosis Real And How Does It Work?

Hypnosis is nothing but the ability of the subconscious mind to respond towards instructions in a deductive way.

Confused Right

First let me tell you, YES, hypnosis is real and widely used to treat many medical conditions including weight loss, stop smoking and past life regression these therapies are so effective that these lasts for an almost lifetime.

To understand above definition of hypnosis let’s have quick a look at

Fundamental Law of Attraction

  • The most basic psychological law applies to every living thing and explains hypnosis as well.

In short, when you are particularly thinking about something, in that given time your body moves toward that direction making the thought true. Your body may be moving in a physical, emotional, mental or in a spiritual manner.

Let’s have a practical example: think you are eating chocolates or your favourite dish. Picture the chocolate in your mind how wonderful it looks.

Picture its shape, its colour and its smell. think how it melts in your mouth when you chew it.

tasty food

Now notice your mouth, your mouth is filled with saliva as a reaction of your thoughts. This watering in your mouth is nothing but an application of Law of Attraction. You are thinking about your favourite dish and your body tends to move towards the thoughts causing water in your mouth.

Now you must be thinking of

How Law Of Attraction Is Related To Hypnosis?

In hypnosis state, our mind is in an altered state of consciousness and with a high tendency to receive commands.

In a normal conscious state, our mind has to deal with so many things, or we can say our mind is inductive towards the statements of instructor; he makes decisions whether to follow the instruction or just ignore them.

But in a hypnotised state our sub-conscious mind is open to receive instructions with a high tendency to make them true.

For details read our blog post - is there any science behind hypnosis explaining hypnosis in a completely scientific way.

When we are in a conscious state our thoughts are based on the things which please us such as the thought of eating chocolates and what we do in hypnosis is we open subject’s subconscious mind to receive instructions and as we have already seen how well our body responds to thoughts.

How Hypnosis Works?

Hypnosis always works because it is a “natural state of human brain”. It always works it happens all the time, it is not even under control.

If we had a thought of something or body tends to move in such direction when we think about chocolates our mouth gets watery no matter how we don’t want it to happen sometimes its embarrassing but it’s not under our control and that’s how hypnosis works every time.

Now you must be thinking if it happens naturally why we need to go to a hypnotist for medical treatment.

Well, the answer is simple it occurs naturally only in those things which please us and to get rid of bad habits or for things that we are unable to set our mind for, it is advisable to consult to a Hypnotist.


  1. The themes of hypnosis primarily shown by comic books or TV shows are not real and people are advised not to miss-interoperate the version of hypnosis shown on movies with real hypnosis.
  2. Hypnosis is 100% real and being used to treat weight loss and other medical conditions for several years.
  3. Hypnosis follows the theory of Fundamental Law of Attraction which states body tends to move towards the thought produced in mind making the thought realistic.
  4. Our subconscious mind is more prone to receive instructions than conscious mind and hypnosis can be used to alter subconscious state easily.
  5. Hypnotists make the thing easy by inducing the hypnotic state with their commands.