1. Julia Anna - August 15, 2016

    Thank you Blind Hypnosis really it was a great source of knowledge

    I have a doubt, I have seen hypnotists performing on Stage they pick a random volunteer from the crowd and ask them to come on the stage and even they do weird things when Hypnotist instructs them.

    I just want to know is it a trick, Is Hypnosis really safe.

    Thank you Julia for the comment

    First thing i would like to say is Hypnosis is completely safe.

    The hypnosis actions shown on Stage is some kind of trick but it is not limited to trick Hypnotists can make you do things but only possible if you want too. You are completely aware of your surroundings and can discard any of the Hypnotists command.

  2. James Doe - August 15, 2016

    Hello I am James,
    I want to know Hypnosis effects are temporary or permanent. I mean hypnosis is said to cure many health problems, do we have to regularly listen to audio or go to a Hypnotist.

    Thank you, James for the comment.

    Yes James Hypnosis effects are permanent even after the course the required effects are there for lifetime.

    There is a certain course time period that we have to complete for the successful treatment of health problem. Following the complete course will have its effects even after Hypnosis.